Camping Near Denver, CO: RV Parks, Wilderness Retreats, & More

The Mile-High City offers visitors the delights of urban camping, exploring snow-capped peaks, or the long stretch of the front range. Mountains, rivers, and plains teem with golden hues in the spring and auburn in the fall. Remember to check your packing list for all the necessary gear and ensure your camper trailer or RV is ready to handle the steeper roads of the Centennial State. 

Camping in Colorado

Although most campers will enjoy the warmer months from May to September, campsites in April and October are less crowded and the weather is still amicable. Yurt camping is popular in this state, as is rock climbing, rafting, and mountain biking. The Denver and Boulder areas have some of the most majestic, natural landscapes in the country, not to mention views of the famous Rocky Mountains and Great Divide in the west. The western side of the Centennial State is mostly desert canyons, mountains, and mesas, with the Colorado River slicing through toward the Pacific Ocean. To the northwest are rangelands such as Sagebrush Shrubland and prime skiing locations like Aspen. In the east, upon the border of the Great Plains rests the majority of townships and cities. It’s not hard to see that Colorado is rich with notable and spectacular geographical formations, making any camping trip a memorable one.

Campsites near Denver

Colorful Colorado has some of the most diverse national parks in the nation. Hiking trails and waterfront activities are abundant in a majority of the campgrounds. Every campsite has something to excite and inspire, and you can’t go wrong taking your habitat to one of these 10 campgrounds within reach from Denver.

1. Reverend’s Ridge Campground

Pike’s Peak mountain formation behind aspen trees at Reverend’s Ridge Campground

Heading up to Reverend’s Ridge Campground, you get a fantastic look at Pike’s Peak as you arrive at the area. There are a few different campgrounds in the area, but the one open year-round is Reverend’s Ridge; the others don’t allow car camping. The park staff is extremely friendly and maintains tidy facilities throughout the year.  In the winter, they make sure to keep the sites plowed for easy access. 

  • Price: $28-36
  • Number of sites: 97
  • RV sites: Yes (max length: 50’)
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: Yes

“Would love to explore all the trails next time. A place to go back to.”Megan E.

2. Chatfield State Park

Young mountain goat standing in front of a scenic outlook at Chatfield State Park

Built as flood prevention in the 1970s, Chatfield Reservoir is a great place to get away and is just a stone’s throw from Denver. In the summer, most campers go fishing, water skiing, and kayaking. Alternatively, in the winter, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are popular activities. Facilities at Chatfield State Park are spread over four loops with some back-in and some pull-through sites, with the maximum trailer size topping off at 60’. All sites have picnic tables, electrical hookups for most, and some are ADA-accessible. You can tell that this park was well-planned by looking at the playgrounds included in each loop and sites that can accommodate larger parties. 

  • Price: $21-30 ($132-144 for groups)
  • Number of sites: 197
  • RV sites: Yes (max length: 60’)
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: Yes

“There is a trail around the entire reservoir, which is great for a bike or a run.”Katie M.

3. St. Vrain

Gaggle of geese swimming through a lush pond at St. Vrain

When you visit St. Vrain (formerly Barbour Ponds), you’re treated to over 600 acres of land and 100 acres of water split between multiple sites. Whichever part of the park you stay in (there are many different campsites to choose from), you’re always close to fishing, swimming, or simply splashing around. Sites numbered 1 through 41 have electrical hookups with access to water and dump stations near the exit; the rest are more basic. Each site has a covered picnic table and fire pit. 

  • Price: $40
  • Number of sites: 87
  • RV sites: Yes (max length: 40’)
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: Yes

“This park has an abundant habitat for birds. The hiking access to birding areas is easy.”Jill J.

4. Cherry Creek State Park

Picturesque view of the Rocky Mountains and Denver from Cherry Creek State Park

This beautiful spot just minutes from downtown Denver is anchored by a gorgeous 600+ acre reservoir and rolling hills. There’s a bike trail looping around the whole lake at Cherry Creek State Park and tons of fishing and boating opportunities. Horseback riders will also love the additional equestrian campsites and riding trails. Amenities include dump stations, group camping, tent cabins, and washhouses, but you should check off-season amenities to be sure.

  • Price: $28-41
  • Number of sites: 125
  • RV sites: Yes (max length: 45’)
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: Yes

“For people who are first-timers, I think this park will be a great way to start. It has flushable toilets, showers, and even laundry.”Franca H.

5. Indian Paintbrush Campground — Bear Creek Lake Park

Red Rocks hiking trail at Indian Paintbrush Campground

If you drive 26 minutes southwest out of Denver, you arrive at Indian Paintbrush Campground in Bear Creek Lake Park, one of the prettiest and most convenient campgrounds, as it’s close to the city and Red Rocks Amphitheater. There are tons of horseback riding and hiking trails around the lake and canyons to explore. Amenities include electric (30 and 50 amp), water, and sewer hookups, as well as big-rig-friendly sites. 

  • Price: $35-100
  • Number of sites: 47
  • RV sites: Yes (max length: 50’)
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: Yes

“Some nice hiking and biking trails off the campground. Beautiful views of the mountains.”Stacy M.

6. Standley Lake Regional Park

Sunset over the mountain ranges visible from Standley Lake Regional Park

Nestled in a suburb just half an hour outside Denver, Standley Lake Regional Park is a sweet mix of urban and rural camping. The southeastern side of the property abuts Standley Lake, and if you’re lucky, you’ll spot some bald eagles or catch some rainbow trout. Additionally, you can rent canoes and paddle boards to cruise around the 1,000+ acre lake. Amenities are basic but available, with spigots for potable water and outdoor showers. We recommend checking park availability and booking online as Standley Lake doesn’t provide same-day bookings and is closed between October and April.

  • Price: $35-55
  • Number of sites: 70
  • RV sites: Yes (max length: 40’)
  • Hookups: No
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: Yes

“With a rookery, this is the spot for bird enthusiasts!”Blair S.

7. Denver Meadows RV Park

View of the Rocky Mountain Ranges from Denver Meadows RV Park

If you’re looking for a well-equipped rest stop with mountain views and proximity to the Mile-High City, look no further than Denver Meadows. All 287 of the sites at Denver Meadows RV Park sites have full hookups, and you can see a good deal of the Great Divide from nearly any site. At the campground, you will find ice and firewood, and the bathhouses and showers are clean. It’s a quiet and peaceful park, ideal for longer stays during any season of the year. Some facilities may be dated, but you can’t beat the convenience of the locale, as it’s just over eight miles away from Denver.

  • Price: $58-68
  • Number of sites: 287
  • RV sites: Yes (max length: 50’)
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: Yes

“It was a great spot for families that is quiet and very clean.”Storm S.

8. Dakota Ridge RV Park

Rocky Mountains as viewed from Dakota Ridge RV park

Dakota Ridge RV Park is the perfect balance of city and country with its views of the Rocky Mountains and the Denver skyline. The campground caters mostly to RVs, although big rigs may find some of the corners tight. End sites are always sought after because they’re roomier, but mature trees growing throughout Dakota Ridge give each site its privacy. This campsite offers propane and firewood, making the winter season a little more inviting and cozier.

  • Price: $58-80
  • Number of sites: 141
  • RV sites: Yes (max length 70’)
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: Yes

“The campground itself is nice, plenty to do around the campground if you like to climb short trails.”Todd C.

9. Chief Hosa Campground

Green-colored field in front of pine trees and the Genesee Mountains at Chief Hosa Campground

This is a small and historic campground near Lakewood, just under thirty minutes from downtown Denver. The Chief Hosa Campground is close to a highway, but that doesn’t detract from the peaceful and serene setting of the Genesee Mountains. Clear Creek Canyon is just sixteen minutes away if you’re in the mood for rock climbing or rafting. There are also plenty of hiking trails so you can get lost in nature at America’s first motor-camping area. Alternatively, you could take a day trip to the nearby Coors Field, home of the Colorado Rockies baseball team. Amenities include electric and water hookups, and tidy, coin-operated showers. Reservations for peak season go fast so make sure to book well ahead of time.  

  • Price: $23-33
  • Number of sites: 20 RV and 24 Tent
  • RV sites: Yes (max length 60’)
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Fires allowed: No
  • Pets allowed: Yes

“Great place to stay near Denver yet still camp. Noise from the highway wasn’t an issue..” John B.

10. Golden City Clear Creek RV Park

White bus in front of a peak at Golden City Clear RV Park

Right in the heart of the charming town of Golden, CO, you’ll find Golden City Clear Creek RV Park — a bustling campground with pristine biking and hiking trails next to a rushing creek. Shopping and restaurants are only a half-mile walk away in downtown Golden. Amenities include bathrooms, showers, wifi, laundry, and water hookups. Call ahead of time as the RV sites go fast — and bring a tube for a lazy-river floating experience.

  • Price: $32-65
  • Number of sites: 36
  • RV sites: Yes (max length 45’)
  • Hookups: Yes
  • Fires allowed: Yes
  • Pets allowed: No

“Great bike trail to town and Hot Springs.”Reiner B.

Mobile habitats for a thrilling Denver camping experience

Although you can park your RV or camper trailer on the streets of Denver, you can only do so for a small portion of the year. Therefore, we recommend finding a camper that can fit in a garage to reduce the possibility of any parking-induced headaches. Besides finding parking during your trip, the hills and mountain roads may be the most difficult obstacles.

For this reason, a towable, fuel-efficient, garageable habitat can make your trip to Denver a breeze. TAXA’s versatile and well-equipped camper trailers are ready for any RV-friendly campsite near the Mile-High City. Take your camping game to a whole new level with our adaptable and multi-faceted habitats. Explore our lineup of NASA-inspired and high-quality habitats here!