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At TAXA, we care about the footprints we leave on the planet. Not just in all the wild places we explore in our mobile human habitats, but in the impact we create with every habitat we manufacture as well. We strive for innovation at every step of the design and manufacturing process, to be a sustainable corporate citizen and lead by example in our industry.

Sure, we are committed to sourcing sustainable materials without compromising the quality and durability of our habitats. But our perspective on sustainability goes far beyond the obvious. A lightweight and durable TAXA habitat lasts a lifetime and requires less vehicle power to tow. The shape is designed to travel efficiently at highway speeds. And the thoughtful interior design means you can, quite literally, do more with less. Our habitats even fit in a normal garage meaning you don’t need to rent a storage unit somewhere to house it.

In the end, our goal is not just to get you out there. It’s to keep the “out there” pristine so we can enjoy it not just today but for the generations that will follow.


The right materials are paramount when solving the integrated design challenge of light weight, durability, performance and sustainability. TAXA Outdoors mobile habitats feature rugged and stylish materials both inside and out, that look great, are gentle on the planet, and stand up to the elements, journey after incredible journey.

Every TAXA Adventure Vehicle upholds a standard of quality you can see and feel.

Build Process

We build every TAXA habitat to put you right where nature intended, outside.

Every TAXA product is made with proven, durable materials that last. And drawing on our NASA roots, we’re proud to manufacture exclusively in our home city, Houston, Texas, where a team of skilled craftspeople work to build each model, one habitat at a time.

TAXA’s Vision is to transform the way we live, learn and play outside.

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