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Out is in.


At TAXA, we care about the footprints we leave on the planet. Not just in all the wild places we explore in our mobile human habitats, but it the impact we create with every habitat we manufacture as well. We strive for innovation at every step of the design and manufacturing process, to be a sustainable corporate citizen and lead by example in our industry.

Sure, we are committed to sourcing sustainable materials without compromising the quality and durability of our habitats. But our perspective on sustainability goes far beyond the obvious. A lightweight and durable TAXA habitat lasts a lifetime and requires less vehicle power to tow. The shape is designed to travel efficiently at highway speeds. And the thoughtful interior design means you can, quite literally, do more with less. Our habitats even fit in a normal garage meaning you don’t need to rent a storage unit somewhere to house it.


Quality You Can See and Feel

The right materials are paramount when solving the integrated design challenge of light weight, durability, performance and sustainability. TAXA Outdoors mobile habitats feature rugged and stylish materials both inside and out, that look great, are gentle on the planet, and stand up to the elements, journey after incredible journey.

TAXA Factory

Powder Coated Steel

Durable powder coated steel is used on all habitat chassis’, the Mantis skeleton, and Woolly Bear. Additionally, the fenders and gravel guards on all habitats are also powder coated steel.

Aluminum Skeleton

The Cricket and TigerMoth skeleton is built with high grade laser-cut aluminum – a contributing factor to the lightweightness of the habitats.

Kynar-Painted Aluminum Composite Panels

Lightweight and eco-friendly, these Aluminum composite (Aluminum alloy ASTM B 209) panels have a powder coated kynar exterior and interior. A 2lb closed cell foam core provides excellent insulation with significant R-Value, while contributing to the lightweight strength of TAXA habitats.

Wilsonart High Pressure Laminate Countertop

Wilsonart® High Pressure Laminate is a high-performing, durable surface that offers long-lasting function as countertops in TAXA habitats.

Baltic Birch Plywood Cabinetry

This strong 7ply birch wood makes up all the cabinetry in our habitats, from the transforming bed/dining spaces, to the modular kitchens full of storage.

Non Slip Seamless Nickel Patterned Flooring

Inside Cricket and Mantis this durable and easy to clean flooring runs wall to wall, front to back, attached using an environmentally friendly adhesive.

Plywood Deck with ABS Laminate

A strong base of exterior grade Douglas Fir plywood decking; 1” thick in Cricket and Mantis, ¾” thick in TigerMoth. ABS laminate protects the underside of the deck, sealing it off from any road grime or grease.


All the inside you need to enjoy outside.

We build every TAXA habitat to put you right where nature intended, outside.

Every TAXA product is made with proven, durable materials that last. And drawing on our NASA roots, we’re proud to manufacture exclusively in our home city, Houston, Texas, where a team of skilled craftspeople work to build each model, one habitat at a time.

TAXA Values

We’re on a Mission…

To enhance everyone’s outdoor experiences and promote adventure by designing thoughtful mobile habitats and other equipment that facilitate connections with nature. Here is who we are and what we offer.


Problems: Embrace + Solve

Quality experiences of the outdoors starts with embracing the challenges and designing away the barriers.

Quality, First

We take pride in setting high-quality standards in all aspects of our work. We do this to provide the best equipment for our owners adventures and experiences.


Facilitate Connections

We bond. Our habitats and equipment facilitate owners’ connection to nature and with each other.

We Are a Team

We win together and overcome challenges together.


Continually Learn

Curiosity is our map. We and our owners learn more about ourselves and our place in the world through each adventure. Together we keep learning and evolving.

Cricket Camping Trailer with Family


Explore – Discover

We encourage exploration and discovery in work and play. Challenge yourself! Go deeper/further, see what’s out there!



TAXA creates a positive, energetic work vibe that channels directly to our habitats. Every habitat carries this stoke to its new owner. Every owner adventure returns the stoke to TAXA.

Celebrate Diversity

We value diversity and the discovery of what is shared. Full Stop.

Do the Right Thing

We value business as a means to effect change for the better.

2021 Mantis Camping Trailer Folding Couch

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