About TAXA

We build mobile human habitats for adventuring.

Who decided our lives needed to be insulated from the natural world? That the best way for us to experience nature was by putting our homes on wheels and then luring us to stay inside them with flat screen TVs, air conditioning and microwaves?

Isn’t the point of journeying into the outdoors to leave the inside far behind?

At TAXA we think so.

We create mobile human habitats purposefully designed to inspire the journey towards and into nature. Habitats that remind us we are part of nature, not apart from it. In a safe “don’t become a bear snack” kind of way. Think of them as adventure equipment that you sleep in.

2021 Cricket Camping Trailer

Where you have everything you need but not more. Where every design decision has a purpose, often multiple, and architectural thinking guides how our mobile human habitats encourage us to integrate, engage, and interact with the natural world and one another.

It is an ethos our founder Garrett Finney, an award winning designer and former senior architect for the Habitability Design Center at NASA has built into every TAXA product.

After a decade of working on the International Space Station and consulting on lunar habitats for NASA, I designed Cricket, our first camper, and TAXA was born.

Garrett Finney

Founder and CEO

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