Adventure Together Beta

Welcome to the TAXA Outdoors family!

Here at TAXA, we are committed to Adventuring Together. Today. Tomorrow. For Life.

We’re on a mission to transform the way we live, learn and play OUTSIDE! And we believe that while not everyone has experience with outdoor adventuring, everyone has a fundamental right to Get Out In It. The TAXA Adventure Together Team is here to answer all your questions, whether you are a first-time or lifelong adventurer. We spend our time making adventuring easy so you can spend your time making forever memories!

Relaxing outside in a TAXA Outdoors Mantis

The TAXA Adventure Together Program

As a new TAXA owner, you have limited-time access to a free, premium beta-version of TAXA’s Adventure Together Program.

Outdoors adventuring can no doubt feel intimidating, uncomfortable and daunting. At TAXA, we believe that no one should decide to stay indoors because of these feelings. Hence, the TAXA Adventure Together program.

The TAXA Adventure Together Team is here to help you understand how you can participate in creating amazing experiences and forever memories in nature. As we all daydream about our own version of outdoor adventure, we understand that for many communities the outdoors has not been a welcome and comfortable place, so we’re dedicated to creating a community of adventure seekers that supports and guides each other.

Mother and child in a TAXA Outdoors Mantis

The TAXA Adventure Together Team will provide answers to all your questions about what you should expect as a TAXA Adventurer: how to prepare to pick up your TAXA Habitat, the gear we love and recommend for you to get started, and how to use all the awesome equipment inside your TAXA. We’ll even be your on-call, expert friend during your first road trip (in the rare case anything comes up that you want to chat through)!

The TAXA Adventure Together Program includes the below, at no additional cost to you:

Adventure at Home

Before you head out for your first TAXA trip, a Habitat Specialist will coordinate a time to give you a guided walkthrough of your new unit via video or voice call!

Confused about operating the propane? Water? The Battery? We will walk you through all of that and you will be a TAXA camping expert in no time!

Trip Planning

As you prepare for your first trip, we’ll give you a list of all the essentials to pack based on your habitat and your trip plans - we have a lot of favorite products that we are happy to recommend. We’ll even help you map out your first route, recommend apps to use, note the things to consider, and help you set yourself up for unforgettable memories. Less time researching = more time adventuring!

First Camping Trip Phone a Friend

Tell us when you will take your first trip with your new TAXA habitat and we will assign a knowledgeable Habitat Specialist to be on standby to rapidly respond to any questions that may arise during your adventure!

There’s no first-trip stress when you have TAXA adventuring with you! We can’t wait for your Adventure at Home call so we can welcome you to the TAXA family more officially!

Until then, happy Adventuring!



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