What Is the Best Travel Trailer to Buy?

What Is the Best Travel Trailer to Buy?

The travel trailer market is rapidly growing. Every year, new styles, models, and brands emerge. With so many consumer variables though, the options might seem overwhelming. This in mind, here are some distinctions to help determine your version of the “best travel trailer.”

Best Travel Trailer Design


Travel demands downsizing in one way or another. As a result, travel trailers reflect an attempt at creating home amidst limitations. Some of these might include storage space, living area, or towable weight.

With that said, TAXA habitats disguise constraint as opportunity by seamlessly combining spaces all the while minimizing bulk.


Adventuring outdoors exposes travel trailers to diverse sets of challenges over time. For example, many trips hinge on meeting seasonal, geographic, or cargo requirements.

Thus, TAXA Outdoors equips habitats with the ability to adapt. This means designing flexible storage spaces, transformative dining and living areas, and valuable optional features.

Best Travel Trailer Build Quality


Some trailers achieve a sleek look but fail when tested in the field. Typically, this problem arises due to a hasty build along a cramped assembly line. For more information on where builds go wrong, check out this article from Curbed.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, TAXA Outdoors takes a more personal approach. Our teams build habitats one by one in, exclusively in our Houston, Texas factory.

The Best Travel Trailer - Craftsmanship

Performance Materials

In addition to taking the craftsman approach, TAXA Outdoors utilizes quality materials that stand the test of time, including durable powder coated steel on all chassises. Our fenders and gravel guards are also powder coated steel. Further, we build the Cricket and TigerMoth skeleton with with high grade laser-cut aluminum and Aluminum Composite (Aluminum alloy ASTM B 209) panels.

These materials provide a lightweight eco-friendly framework for vehicles. All of these investments ultimately pay dividends in safety, longevity, and energy efficiency.

Best Travel Trailer Philosophy

No Place Like Home

Travel trailers integrate some version of a kitchen, bathroom, bed, and living area into a compact space on wheels. That’s roughly four rooms in one. With the wrong design decisions, this idea could easily turn into a mess.

However, the best travel trailers find a way to turn this concept into a functional, comfortable home. In essence, elite adventure vehicle should deliver performance all the while accounting for human needs as well.

Out is In™

Some vehicles excel in comfortable living space. In doing so though, they forget to create a bridge with the surrounding environment. The best travel trailers manage to do both. TAXA habitats encourage connection with the outdoors and inspire curiosity to explore.

Best Travel Trailer - Woolly Bear


The best travel trailer manages to accomplish lots with little. It combines spaces, limits bulk, and adapts based on the environment. Its manufacturers build it with care. They assemble the vehicle precisely, using only the best materials for maximum performance. Finally, this trailer finds a balance between exploration and comfort. It delivers the feeling of home without sacrificing intimacy with the outdoors.

TAXA Outdoors believes that our vehicles excel in all of these categories and more. Our campers combine purposeful design with quality construction. In doing so, we maximize space, value, and engagement with the natural world.

For more information take our TAXA Habitats Quiz to get tailored suggestions on which vehicles best fit your needs.