When to Go Small – The Two Person Travel Trailer

When to Go Small – The Two Person Travel Trailer

When most people hear “travel trailer,” they think of something big and bulky. Maybe not quite an RV but a vehicle meant for families, groups, or those looking to brave a camping trip via mobile home. While most fit this description perfectly, many modern trailers have gone in a different direction.

A new focus on functionality has created a modern niche in the market specifically designed for one or two people. As a result, the two person travel trailer has emerged as an exciting option for adventurers leaning into minimalism.
TAXA Outdoors mobile habitats, TigerMoth, TigerMoth Overland, and Woolly Bear are all great options for two-person adventure vehicles. Here’s a breakdown of arguments for and against this type of vehicle if you’re considering going small.

Two Person Travel Trailer Cons

Less Space

This one probably goes without saying. However, two person travel trailers naturally feature less space. This means fewer beds, limited storage, and minimal living room. If you foresee having more robust needs in any of those categories, steer clear.

Fewer Amenities

While on an expedition, adventurers typically want to leave the comforts of home behind to some extent. They embrace the idea of entering the natural world and playing by its rules. On the other hand, some find these challenges distracting or impractical. Certain contexts demand the efficiencies of a bathroom, shower, and full kitchen. While some smaller trailers creatively engineer these features into the footprint (look no further than the TAXA Cricket), many do without completely.

2021 TigerMoth Counter Top Space

Two Person Travel Trailer Pros


While a smaller size entails some drawbacks, it also has advantages. Two person travel trailers are almost always driveway and garage friendly. Less bulk also tends to yield better fuel economy for your tow vehicle and diminished power requirements for the trailer itself.


This savings in size leads to more options in practical use. For instance, a smaller trailer has a much easier time navigating windy or uneven paths than a larger one. While some adventurers have found ways to overland using larger vehicles, compact travel trailers primarily occupy this niche.

Beyond their rugged capabilities, some two person travel trailers have options or built-in engineering to expand the number of beds, storage, or accessories included. By maintaining their original size but transcending the attached limitations, they offer the best of both the small and large vehicle worlds in many cases.


Less internal space inevitably forces adventurers to spend more time outside the trailer. This idea might be intimidating to some. However, we at TAXA believe that “Out is in.” The purpose of a travel trailer should be to connect adventurers with the outside world rather than create separation. Thus, the advantage of these smaller trailers is a guarantee of this reward.

Two Person Travel Trailer Recap

Two person travel trailers represent an exciting step in the evolution of adventure vehicles. They may lack the bulk of living space or domestic comforts that traditional models employ. However, these trailers provide more practical solutions for storing and hauling. They frequently provide options for supplementary beds or accessories when needed. Plus, they encourage adventurers…to adventure, to get outside and explore. If you’re looking for a vehicle with this philosophy at the center, be sure to look at TigerMoth or Woolly Bear. If you have more questions, schedule a call with a habitat expert here.