Off Grid Camping Trailer Living and Adventuring

Off Grid Camping Trailer Living and Adventuring

The advent of the off grid camping trailer is allowing more people to simplify their lifestyles and take exciting, off grid adventures. Depending on your objectives, different factors can come into play in determining which off grid camping trailer is right for you. Before you go trailer shopping, it’s important to have a basic understanding of what it looks like to live off the grid.

Off Grid camping trailer by TAXA Outdoors

Tips for an Off Grid Lifestyle

Whether you’re looking to live off the grid for long period of time or just a weekend excursion, it’s good to have a handle on the the challenges and opportunities involved. You can reference many helpful blogs and websites posted by real people documenting their adventures and tips for off grid living. Here are the most helpful ideas to start with:

  1. Consider the needs of your potential destinations.
  2. Invest in a camping trailer with the layout that accommodates these needs (also considering towing vehicle capabilities).
  3. Plan a safe storage solution for your vehicle for when it’s needed.
  4. Acquire equipment for your rig that gets a good bang for its buck (not just in dollar price, but also weight and space).
  5. Provision for a good night’s sleep with quality bed and other nighttime paraphernalia.
  6. Understand water, shower, toilet, and septic solutions needed for your lifestyle.
  7. Know your power/electricity needs and solutions.
  8. Prepare for necessary temperature comforts like fans, A/C, and heat.
  9. Optimize cooking tools, dishware, and food storage.
  10. Make your space your own – Decorate in a way that feels like home.

One of the great things about the off grid lifestyle is the supportive community of people with similar interests. As you adventure, you’ll likely make friends that can share helpful hacks and tips for your journey. There are also various gatherings and conventions for those exploring this different approach to life and travel. At these events, you can make new friends, share stories from your adventures, and gain new insights for the adventures ahead.

Cricket by TAXA Outdoors is an off grid camping trailer

Choosing an Off Grid Camping Trailer Options

Even beyond TAXA’s family of mobile habitats, There are more options than ever for off grid camping. Numerous lists of the best camping trailers available have been posted. In determining which trailer makes the most sense, considering the different needs for size, layout, towability, amenities, construction materials, and passengers.

To understand different trailer options available, feel free to refer to a few of these helpful guides:

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TAXA Outdoors Mobile Habitats

Each of TAXA Outdoors’ mobile habitats is an off grid camping trailer with NASA grade engineering and quality materials. The range of sizes and configurations make TAXA habitats a good solution for a solo adventurer, a small family, and everyone in between. Find out which TAXA habitat best fits your needs here.