The Best Lightweight Camping Trailers for Adventuring

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The Best Lightweight Camping Trailers for Adventuring

When choosing an adventure vehicle, sometimes less is more. Modern engineers are now developing trailers with advanced composite materials and improved aerodynamics. Lightweight trailers can now endure some of the toughest terrains and weather conditions. Offering added mobility and reduced vehicle strain, lighter trailers are quickly becoming popular options in the camping world. Here are some of the best lightweight camping trailers available today.

The Best Lightweight Camping Trailers for Adventuring - Tiger Moth from TAXA Outdoors

Classic Lightweight Camping Trailers

Over time, adventuring vehicles have drifted into more rugged builds. However, many terrific classic designs still exist. The Luna Lite, for one, combines the best of teardrop and travel trailers into one stable unit.

The curved rear and a square profile at the front with a large panoramic window ensure a spacious feeling and a connection to the outside area. It also comes in a bright color palette that beautifully reflects the sun in RV meccas like Palm Springs. Inside, this model offers robust living features in a retro design without requiring a special tow vehicle.

Another vintage model to highlight is The Happier Camper’s HC1. Featuring a whimsical egg-shaped body, this lightweight trailer boasts the flexibility of a customizable floorpan. It's the perfect marriage of old school charm and modern innovation. This trailer also comes in at only 1100-lb. and fits into a single parking space with ease. Who doesn't love saving space on a cramped campsite?

Homes Away From Home

While previous eras favored basic interiors, many modern trailers have increased functionality without packing on weight. After years of manufacturing large caravans, Jayco released the Jay Flight SLX. This lightweight trailer has a GVWR of less than 3,000-lb. without sacrificing the many customizable options Jayco is known for.

Winnebago customers love the Micro Minnie, an easy-to-use lightweight caravan of excellent quality at an affordable price. The quality of the kitchen appliances and the amount of storage space really shine here. This small unit can hold up to 2,500 pounds of your belongings. Winnebago engineered the Minnie with molded fiberglass bolted to an aluminum frame.

Rugged Lightweight camping trailers

When discussing the best lightweight camping trailers, the rugged vehicles rightfully dominate the conversation. These designs pushed the industry forward. They also returned many adventurers to the original dream of camping, embracing the wild rather than merely sleeping in it.

The Escapod for one offers a great example of combining rugged construction with practical living space. Made from aluminum and hand-welded steel in the company’s garage, Escapod engineers built these to last. They are made to travel treacherous areas that would leave many vehicles dented and damaged. Once stopped, this camper maximizes space. It features an efficient tailgate kitchen setup as well ample storage drawers all throughout the cabin. This makes for an excellent camping option on multi-day expeditions.

Of course, any of our TAXA Outdoors habitats could be mentioned here. However, none is more deserving of inclusion in the lightweight camping trailer conversation than the TigerMoth.

The Best Lightweight Camping Trailers for Adventuring - TigerMoth LED Lights

Built for distance travel and towable by many 4-cylinder vehicles, this adventure vehicle has a tough, durable build. However, it still offers unmatched comfort and practicality.

The TigerMoth features a built-in electrical system. This includes LED lights, 12V outlets, water system, and optional solar panels. The power infrastructure will ensure you’ll have power for 7+ days off the grid.

This camper primarily focuses on elegance and simplicity. Innovative doors and hatches provide for incredible views, ventilation, and storage space while maintaining a compact footprint. It can even sleep up to four adults if utilizing the optional rooftop tent. All this and more at 12’ in length and 1,360-lb., the TigerMoth embodies efficiency and versatility. Learn more about the TigerMoth here.

Other Lightweight Camping Trailers for Your Adventures

Beyond the TigerMoth, TAXA Outdoors uses NASA grade engineering to design and build the best lightweight camping trailers available. Our four models of human habitats allow you to adventure freely without needing to tow an extremely heavy load. Learn more by exploring Mantis, Cricket, TigerMoth, and Woolly Bear.