Camping Trailer Accessories to Enhance Your Adventure

Camping Trailer Accessories to Enhance Your Adventure

After buying a trailer or camper, you may need to add a few camping trailer accessories. These can add value to your purchase and improve the aesthetics and comfort of your off-road vehicle, trailer, or camper.

We at TAXA Outdoors stress that it’s important to try and stick to the essentials. That said, some camping trailer accessories fit that bill and enhance the adventure rather than distract from it.

Mobility Protection

You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat. Always make sure you have a solution for wheel repair or replacement on both your towing vehicle and trailer.  If your adventure vehicle lacks a spare tire, an air compressor and patching kit might be a useful addition to bring along.

Home Base Camping Trailer Accessories

Every adventure is different. Some might thrust campers into remote or rural territory but still provide access to power, running water, and bathrooms. Others might require an exploration into the wilderness. Whatever the case, it’s important to consider which amenities you must include in your vehicle before the expedition begins.

Does your camper include solutions for running water, a stove, sink, bathing, and lighting?

If not, you might want to consider purchasing camping trailer accessories that could account for these. It all depends on the intended length of adventure and comfort level while camping.

Kitchen Camping Trailer Accessories

Camping Trailer Accessories for Power

Most modern adventure vehicles include some kind of temporary power solution. However, consider the length of your expedition and the the amount of power you will need. Adding an alternative power source might be one of the important camping trailer accessories to consider.

Generators are the conventional solution for this problem. However, some vehicles can now accommodate solar panels as well. Solar panels (optional on the TAXA Tiger Moth) greatly extend your battery. If you buy enough wattage, you can potentially run on this forever without needing to recharge.

If not, a spare battery can also work. A 90-100Ah battery gets most people through a weekend of camping using their refrigerator, lights, water pump and furnace/HW. Once you have an electrical solution, you can take advantage of lighting and appliances. This provides additional safety and saves time performing chores and navigating your campsite during low lit hours.

Sporting Goods Accessories

If you want to haul larger camping trailer accessories for sporting such as bikes, boats, and boards, you will need a suitable rooftop or wall to attach racks or tracks to secure these items. Double checking space requirements and manufacturer suggestions on this is highly advised.

TAXA Wooly Bear loaded up with camping trailer accessories

Investing in load bars might also protect large or heavy items when hauling these in internal storage compartments as well. 

Keeping It Clean

Always make sure to plan on solutions particularly during wilderness camping to keep your trailer and campsite clean. If your trailer does not have a dedicated trash compartment, you might consider adding this to your gear. A bear proof locker in particular might make for a wise purchase to store scented items in applicable regions.

You probably won’t regret having a nice handheld vacuum on hand either. Remember your bedroom might also double as your kitchen. Having something to scoop up small trash and pesky crumbs goes a long way in keeping your mobile habitat pleasant.

Camping Trailer Accessories for Comfort

While many adventurers do not necessarily prioritize comfort, a little of it goes a long way sometimes, particularly when challenged by the elements.

Depending on the region, season, and forecast, mosquito nets and screen doors might drastically enhance your adventure. Hindering unwanted wildlife or insects is not only a safety benefit. Doing so through nets and screens rather than doors still allows campers a connection with outside space without blocking their view entirely.

Air conditioning, awning, or additional insulation might also play a key role in getting proper sleep and maintaining morale. Regulating temperature at home base can play a key role in maximizing rest periods and boosting energy levels.

These are just a handful of suggestions. Make sure and check out included or available features on your adventure vehicle. The right camping trailer accessories can make all the difference.

Finding Camping Trailer Accessories Your Adventures

TAXA Outdoors helps keep you equipped by providing a wide assortment of accessories for navigating outdoor adventures. Whether you need replacement parts for your TAXA habitat or after market accessories to improve your experience, feel free to search through our parts listings here.