How to Finance a TAXA Habitat

A TAXA habitat is financed like a house with 10-15 year terms and fixed interest rates. Average payments usually range from $100-$350 per month, depending on interest rate, loan term and credit. Get financing now through our partner, Lightstream, or submit a request using the form below to request other options.

Get Financing NowRequest Options

1. Submit Financing Request

Apply through Lightstream or use the form below so we can assist you with the financing process.

2. Place a Refundable Deposit

Once we receive your information, we’ll guide you through how to place a deposit to reserve your habitat production slot.

3. Connect With a Partner

We’ll connect you with Lightstream or a dealer who offers financing on your selected model or a third party financing company specializing in trailers.

Finance Your TAXA

You can finance a TAXA habitat similarly to a home with payments as low as $150 per month. Call us at 713-861-2540 or fill out the form below to connect with one of our third party financing specialists.