Woolly Bear FAQs

Woolly Bear FAQs

How much does the Woolly Bear weigh?
– The Woolly Bear has a dry weight of 1,270 lbs.

Does it come with a rooftop tent and awning?
– The standard Woolly Bear does not include a rooftop tent and awning, but those are two of the most common options added to it.

What is the length of the Woolly Bear?
– The Woolly Bear measures 10’8″ and can be stored in a standard garage.

How big is the cargo deck?
– The cargo deck measures 91″ x 32″.

What options are available to add to the Woolly Bear?
– The Woolly Bear has the following options available: 6ft Awning, Mosquito Net Room, THULE® ProBar EVO 175 Adjustable Load Bars, THULE®/TEPUI® 3-Person Rooftop Tent, and Propane Package (Mount + 5lb Tank).

Can I put the rooftop tent of my choice on the Woolly Bear?
– You can! We have customers use a variety of RTT options including THULE, iKamper, 23zero, Roofnest, Ironman 4×4, and more. The main element to be cautious of is weight and for heavier RTT options, we suggest adding a third riser set.

Do you ship to Canada?
– We do! Shipping costs vary per location, but we can indeed produce a quote for transport to Canada.