Mantis FAQs

Mantis FAQs

Does the Mantis have a 30 or 50 amp connection?
– All our habitats, with the exception of Woolly Bear, have 30 amp hookups, but each also comes with a 110v (15 amp) adapter.

How many adults does the Mantis sleep?
– The Mantis easily accommodates 4 adults, with the optional folding couch/bunk bed system, and can even accommodate another 3 adults by adding a rooftop tent.

How much weight does each of the bunk beds support?
– Each bunk supports up to 185 lbs.

Does every Mantis come with a wet bath?
– The Mantis actually comes standard without the wet bath (cassette toilet/shower), however, the majority of our customers choose to order the wet bath.

What’s the dry weight of Mantis?
– The dry weight of Mantis is 2,972 lbs.

What towing vehicle is suggested for towing Mantis?
– We suggest a minimum towing capacity of 3,500 pounds to accommodate any gear you want to pack your Mantis with.

How is the Mantis for winter camping?
– The Mantis is a great winter basecamp! The Truma Eco Combi provides plenty of heat to keep the habitat warm, as well as provide plenty of hot water. Depending on how cold of temperatures you’re planning on camping in, you’ll have to be aware of additional preparation in terms of ensuring the tanks aren’t holding liquids that could possibly freeze.