Silver Falls State Park

Silver Falls State Park

In Oregon we have unlimited places to camp but when it comes to state parks, we don’t have very many close to us in the southern area. So if we are going to travel to one, we have to make it a good one right?

The choice to go to Silver Falls State Park was an easy one. About 20 miles east of Salem, the park is 9200 acres. There are 10 waterfalls that are accessible by a 7.2 mile trail. The trail passes behind one of the waterfalls which is such an incredible feeling. There are bridges to cross and narrow paths along the creek. The scenery makes you feel like you stepped right into Ferngully(for those of you old or cool enough to remember that movie).

The moss hanging from the trees with the light shining through was really magical

There is a large campground available with tent and rv sites. Each spot we saw was nice a private with all the trees in the area. It is heavily shaded so using solar panels to charge wasn’t really an option But there are electrical sites if needed.

Petey enjoyed all the shade
They found a little spot to cool off while checking out the falls
The trail around the park is well maintained and clean.

After seeing Silver Falls in real life, it’s easy to see why it’s the most popular state park in Oregon. The falls are breathtaking and definitely worth the long drive.