Premium Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms

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Mantis Camping Trailer Wet Bath

Lightweight camping trailers are all the rage in the adventure vehicle world and rightfully so. They’re cost-effective, energy-efficient, and more rugged than their bulkier counterparts. That said, many of these vehicles go light on features in order to brag about a minimal footprint. This often comes at the expense of storage, a robust kitchen, or bathroom facilities. On that note, even those that do include such amenities cut corners regularly. If seeking out premium small camping trailers with bathrooms for your next adventure, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms - TAXA Mantis Camping Trailer Wet Bath

What to Look For in Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms

Build Quality

While cutting costs is more than likely one reason to go with a smaller vehicle, that doesn’t mean it has to look or feel cheap. After all, quality construction is what makes make a trailer feel like home not to mention last for years.

In the case of small camping trailers with bathrooms in particular, this means avoiding obvious plastics or moisture-absorbing woods. Doing so will minimize the feeling of sleeping in a giant porta potty as well keep unwanted smells and grime at bay.

TAXA primarily builds our trailers with steel and aluminum skeletons and then use laminate sealing on surfaces which might attract dirt or moisture. It’s quality you can see and feel. For more information on our build process, check out this page here.

Bathroom Design

Small camping trailers with bathrooms can go a few different directions. Some vehicles claim access to a bathroom by simply including a porta-unit or a storage area for one. Others may rely on a portable toilet but include shower hardware either in or outside the trailer. Still others find a way to incorporate all bathroom amenities with the interior of the trailer.

Quality versions of all three designs exist. In general though, truly premium trailers focus on modularity as the key to this decision. Ideally, the bathroom should feel like it doesn’t exist until it needs to without sacrificing functionality.

Disposal Simplicity

In an ideal world, almost all of a camping trip would be spent exploring and enjoying each other’s company. However, some chores and responsibilities inevitably come into play in order to survive and minimize environmental impact. That said, premium trailers are generally thought to be ones which lessen these burdens and funnel energy towards connecting with the outdoors.

Waste disposal is an excellent example of this principle. Some trailers require an elaborate or messy process to get rid of bathroom waste. While somewhat of a small hassle in the grand scheme, every little distraction might take away from the adventure at hand. Thus, the best small camping trailers with bathrooms create disposal processes that can be done with great ease and cleanliness.

Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms - TAXA Mantis and Cricket

TAXA Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms


The Cricket is the smaller of our bathroom campers but still packs a punch in functionality. In only 63 square feet, this trailer manages to include sleeping area for 4, a two burner stove/covered sink kitchen, and 900 lbs of storage capacity. Its concise footprint and light weight make the camper ideal for adventures more rugged in nature such as dispersed camping or overlanding.

With this in mind, the Cricket options the use of a portable toilet as its primary bathroom solution. Additionally, the trailer comes with exterior hardware to create an outdoor hot/cold shower. Combined, these form a simple yet unobtrusive way to get and stay clean and refreshed even while out in the wild.

For a more in-depth walk around, check out this video here.

Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms - TAXA Cricket


On a slightly larger scale, the Mantis delivers the same feeling of efficiency but with even more robust amenities. For instance, purely on a spatial level, it sleeps 4+ adults and boasts 20 cubic feet of storage space. It also flaunts a full galley kitchen to supplement a similar eco furnace and hot water system as the Cricket.

As far as the bathroom goes, the Mantis opts for a completely interior solution. One of its counters folds up to reveal a toilet and shower space combo. To take advantage, simply hook on the privacy enclosure curtains. This modular design maximizes both aesthetic and functional appeal. The exterior disposal process of the cassette toilet is equally seamless and can be performed in minutes with no mess.

Here’s a video walk-around of the Mantis with lots more info.

Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms - TAXA Mantis

Small Camping Trailers with Bathrooms Recap

Small camping trailers with bathrooms are an increasingly attractive option for adventurers. These vehicles have plenty of rugged, lightweight functionality all the while including valuable conveniences. That said, all of these campers are not created equal.

Truly premium examples take pride in build materials, clever design, and integrative bathroom features. As a whole, these choices empower campers to spend more time exploring and less time worrying about the necessities of life.

We at TAXA build the Mantis, Cricket, and all our vehicles with these principles in mind in hopes of creating meaningful connections with the outdoors. To get suggestions on which TAXA habitat best fits your needs, try our habitat quiz.