Small Campers with Bathrooms - The Best of Both Worlds

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Small Campers with Bathrooms - The Best of Both Worlds

There’s lots of reasons to buy a small camper. These vehicles are lightweight, easy to store, and oftentimes some of the more affordable options on the market. However, a savings on size does not often mean more functional. In fact, the reality is quite the opposite. Many campers opt for bulkier options just to ensure certain amenities have been included. These could relate to power, storage, or appliances. Fortunately, some manufacturers have started to engineer their vehicles with the best of both worlds, condensing the footprint of an adventure vehicle without skimping on what it offers. As a testament, we at TAXA build our small campers with bathrooms. Here’s a rundown on how this works.

Small Campers with Bathrooms - TAXA Mantis

Small Campers with Bathrooms – Layout

Small campers occupy a limited footprint by definition. The TAXA Cricket and Mantis have a square footage of only 63 and 105 respectively for example. Due to these constraints, an efficient layout is vital to achieving comfort.

In the case of the smallest of the small campers like the Cricket, we essentially place living and storage space on one side with appliances on the other. The Mantis is a bit more complex though. After all, this vehicle is meant to host 4+ adults. As such, living quarters are separated into two different areas with all appliances, including those related to the bathroom, in the middle.

This choice allows all parties central access to these features while also encouraging repurposing of space throughout the day as needed. As a whole, the Mantis’ skillful layout manages to include over 20 ft of cubic storage, seating for six, a full kitchen, and a bathroom in a 19 ft long trailer.

Small Campers with Bathrooms - TAXA Mantis Layout

Small Campers with Bathrooms – Design

Small campers with bathrooms use some version of three design options. They can include a completely mobile bathroom unit with a designated storage area for hardware. They can also employ a hybrid indoor/outdoor approach. The TAXA Cricket, for one, options the use of a portable toilet while including exterior hot/cold shower hardware on the trailer.

Conversely, some small campers make an attempt at a strictly interior solution by leveraging modularity. In other words, the bathroom space remains static. However, campers can briefly assemble hardware to make the space functional as needed.

In the case of the Mantis, the wet bath sits directly next to the kitchen and shares access to the trailer’s 15 gallon freshwater supply / 22 gallon grey water tank. To use the toilet or shower, simply hang the included curtain to create a privacy enclosure. When not in use, this space reverts back to a seat or counter space. For a more visual explanation of the transformation, check out this video here.

Small Campers with Bathrooms - TAXA Mantis Camping Trailer Wet Bath

Small Campers with Bathrooms – Disposal

Nobody looks forward to waste disposal, so TAXA models try to make this part as clean and easy as possible.

In the case of the Mantis cassette toilet, simply load up your toilet with a cleaning liquid to supplement the flush water. This helps to silence odors and break down solids. When the toilet becomes full, extract the reservoir from the exterior of the trailer and pour into an appropriate dumping station.

The idea is very similar to that of a porta-potty but excludes the odor and bulk. Once again, to see this process in action, check out this video here.

Small Campers with Bathrooms - TAXA Mantis


Small campers are attractive options for adventurers in need of a more rugged, lightweight vehicle. However, these vehicles often lack certain features such as bathroom facilities. While minimizing bulk, this decision can lead to hassles or distractions from the goal of exploration.

In response, TAXA designs its small campers with bathrooms. This begins by integrating such facilities into the trailer itself. Our hardware design employs a similar modular mindset, expanding out only when in use. We complete this process by enabling a quick and easy disposal method.

As a whole, our goal is to direct attention away from lifestyle concerns and onto the adventure at hand. To get suggestions on which TAXA habitat best fits your needs, try our habitat quiz.