Best Places Across the US for Hunting in 2023

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As autumn's brisk air signals the arrival of hunting season, enthusiasts and adventurers gear up for an exciting time ahead. From the rugged terrains of Alaska to the sprawling wilderness of Georgia, we’ll take you through the nation’s top hunting destinations, where seasoned hunters and beginners alike can answer the call of the wild.

Hunting season

Hunting season signifies a defined period allowing hunters to legally pursue and capture specific game animals. Regulated by wildlife authorities, these periods balance environmental preservation and recreation. Rules governing methods, bag limits, and dates prevent overexploitation and ensure sustainability. Seasons vary by species, with some extended for abundant animals and others shortened for protection. Responsible hunting involves adhering to regulations, playing a role in wildlife conservation, and upholding the tradition of outdoor exploration.

What species are you looking for?

Hunting caters to varied species preferences, enhancing the pursuit's distinctiveness. Choosing a species aligns the hunt with personal skills, making each adventure a unique encounter with nature's beauty and the thrill of the chase:

  • Big Game - for those seeking an adrenaline rush and a true test of skill, big game hunting offers an unmatched experience. Pursue wildlife like deer, elk, or moose, navigating rugged terrains and employing strategic methods to secure a successful harvest.
  • Waterfowl - if the call of wetlands beckons, waterfowl hunting provides dynamic excitement. Armed with decoys and camouflage, hunters target ducks and geese, navigating lakes, marshes, and swamps to master the art of concealment and mimicry.
  • Upland - this offers fast-paced pursuits through fields and forests. Species like quail, pheasants, and grouse demand quick reflexes and sharp shooting skills, transforming the hunt into a thrilling chase.
  • Predators - venturing into the world of predator hunting presents an intriguing challenge. Coyotes, foxes, and bobcats require meticulous planning and effective calling techniques, adding an element of strategy to the hunt.
  • Small Game - for those desiring a different pace, small game hunting offers a diverse spectrum. From rabbits to squirrels, this pursuit hones marksmanship while allowing for exploration of diverse habitats.

Best areas in 2023

Now, let's set our sights on the heart of the matter — the best hunting areas across the country. The US offers a rich tapestry of camping and hunting opportunities for enthusiasts of all kinds. These locations promise unforgettable experiences for hunters of all stripes, whether you're after prized game or the simple pleasure of immersing yourself in diverse landscapes. Join us as we dive into these captivating hunting grounds that span the American terrain.


Montana is divided into seven distinct hunting regions, each offering unique experiences. These regions encompass diverse landscapes, wildlife habitats, and game species, catering to a wide range of hunting preferences. Region 4, nestled within the Rocky Mountains, particularly stands as a top-tier destination. Renowned for its exceptional hunting opportunities, this region's terrain and ecosystems create a haven for elk and mule deer. The area's vast landscapes also support populations of whitetail deer, black bears, mountain lions, and upland birds, enhancing the hunting experience. With its captivating blend of natural beauty and abundant game, Region 4 secures its place as one of the country's premier hunting grounds.


The picturesque landscapes of Northwest Colorado are home to hunting havens that beckon outdoor enthusiasts from near and far. This region is characterized by its rugged mountains, vast forests, and high plains, creating an ideal habitat for an array of game species. One of the standout destinations within this area is the charming mountain town of Steamboat Springs, known not only for its world-class skiing but also for its exceptional hunting opportunities. The Rocky Mountain backdrop sets the scene for pursuing elk, mule deer, black bears, and mountain lions.


This state’s allure for hunters is epitomized by the Bridger-Teton National Forest, a paradise for elk hunting. Its vast wilderness provides an ideal habitat for elk, making it a prime destination. The diverse terrain adds excitement to the pursuit, as hunters track these majestic animals through valleys and peaks. Beyond the hunt, the forest offers a pristine wilderness escape, immersing hunters in nature's magnificence. Wyoming's commitment to conservation and tradition shines through in Bridger-Teton's management, preserving the state's hunting heritage while maintaining healthy elk populations.

South Dakota

In South Dakota, Black Hills National Forest shines as a versatile hunting destination with a range of opportunities. From deer and turkey to elk and mountain lions, the forest caters to different hunting preferences, making it a versatile destination. Elk hunting again particularly stands out, with the rugged landscape offering ideal habitat. Black Hills National Forest captures South Dakota's hunting legacy, inviting outdoor enthusiasts to explore its diverse hunting opportunities and breathtaking natural scenery.


Nestled in Wisconsin's southwestern corner, Buffalo County offers a prime hunting area characterized by its diverse game and memorable experiences. The region's landscape features rolling hills, lush valleys, and dense woodlands — perfect for various game species, especially whitetail deer. With a renowned deer population and trophy-worthy bucks, Buffalo County draws hunters nationwide. The county's mix of public and private land also caters to different hunting preferences, spanning from dense forests to open fields.


Pennsylvania's allure for hunters finds a focal point in McKean County, another great spot for whitetail deer hunting. Additionally, hunters can pursue other game such as turkey, bear, and small game. Its rich topography and woodland trails hold echoes of generations past, adding a sense of legacy to the pursuit.


Nestled within Maryland, Big Run State Park’s landscape combines woodlands, open expanses, and tranquil water bodies — a perfect setting for a variety of game species. Whether threading through wooded areas or tracking game along riverbanks, Big Run State Park offers versatile settings to cater to diverse preferences.


Located in the heart of Georgia, Fort Benning provides an exceptional hunting experience within its expansive landscape and diverse ecosystems. Abundant wildlife, including whitetail deer, turkey, and small game, ensures a wide range of hunting opportunities to suit different preferences. The combination of woodlands and open spaces within the post's boundaries creates a varied environment for hunters, giving ample chances to track and engage with game. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or new to the pursuit, Fort Benning's options and natural surroundings offer an exhilarating and satisfying adventure for all.


Located in the eastern part of Texas, the Pineywoods region emerges as a haven for hunting enthusiasts, offering a blend of natural beauty and diverse game. Boasting an array of ecosystems, from forests to hills and valleys, the landscape is home to various game species. Hunters can anticipate encounters with whitetail deer, wild hogs, squirrels, and waterfowl, ensuring every excursion is rich with potential pursuits. For whitetail deer enthusiasts, Pineywoods holds special allure, with ample cover and food sources enhancing hunting opportunities.


Idaho's allure for hunting enthusiasts is magnificently showcased within the region of Clearwater National Forest, a pristine wilderness offering abundant game and captivating experiences. Clearwater National Forest's vast expanse encompasses woodlands, mountains, and rivers, creating a varied habitat for elk, mule deer, black bears, and upland birds. As you venture into its untamed beauty, each step allows you to connect with nature, revel in its serenity, and discover a different facet of the great outdoors.


In the heart of Mississippi lies a hidden gem for hunters and nature enthusiasts alike — the Delta National Forest. From the elusive whitetail deer and wild turkeys to the challenge of small game hunting, every pursuit feels like a unique adventure. What truly sets Delta apart is its sense of connection with the land. As you navigate through its mix of woodlands, wetlands, and meandering rivers, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a realm where time slows down. The stillness of the forest is broken only by the calls of birds and the rustle of leaves underfoot — a far cry from the bustle of city life.


Alaska's allure is nothing short of awe-inspiring, and amidst its grandeur lies the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. Roaming through its sprawling landscapes, this ecosystem is teeming with life and untamed beauty. From the iconic Kodiak brown bears to elusive mountain goats and Sitka black-tailed deer, the refuge showcases the wild diversity that defines Alaska. What really sets Kodiak apart is the palpable sense of being a guest in nature's grand theater.

Get a portable basecamp

Through the diverse hunting terrains we've explored across the U.S., a shared passion for nature and adventure emerges. Whether pursuing elk in Wyoming, deer in Pennsylvania, or bears in the wilds of Alaska, each locale brings its unique charm. Yet, a common need is the foundation of each of these journeys; a dependable hunting basecamp that adapts to any environment.

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