Mantis X

Mantis X is your go-anywhere habitat crafted by off-roaders for off-roaders.

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Meet Mantis X.

Go anywhere with this habitat crafted by off-roaders for off-roaders.

We took TAXA’s original NASA-inspired habitats and rebuilt each model to go further and achieve more. TAXA X is the ultimate companion in conquering rough terrain while delivering top functionality and comfort.

Mantis X has all the features of TAXA’s Mantis Overland, plus added top-of-the-line features to power your off-road adventures.

Key Specs

  • 19’ length
  • Dry Weight: 3,746 lbs
  • Sleeps 4+ adults
  • Secure, pop-up roof for optimized ventilation

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Mantis X

All the features of TAXA’s Mantis, now with top-of- the-line features to power your off-road adventures.

  • Reinforced Chassis for enhanced structural integrity to withstand rough terrain
  • Cruisemaster CRS2 Suspension for superior shock absorption and stability on uneven surfaces
  • Cruisemaster DO35 V3 Plus Hitch for increased articulation, improved durability, ease of use, reduced wear and tear, and better control and stability
  • Aircraft Grade Rivets for top-of-the-line durability and resistance to vibration
  • Off-Roading Rock Slides to protect the trailer's chassis from damage caused by rocks and debris
  • Protective Skid Plates to shield the undercarriage from impact against rough ground and obstacles
  • Versatile Molle Panels for flexible exterior storage
  • Front Roof Rack providing increased exterior storage capacity for bulky equipment and gear

Build & Price

Mantis X Technical Specs*

Exterior Width 7'6"
Exterior Length 19'
Dry Weight (including standard features only) 3,746 lbs
Tongue Weight (depends on load) 562 lbs
GVWR 5,500 lbs
GAWR 5,512 lbs
Capacity 4+ Adults
Cargo Capacity 1,754 lbs
Aluminum Panels Aluminum Alloy ASTM B 209
Bunk Bed (top) 76" x 22"
Bunk Bed (bottom) 77" x 26"
Bunk Weight Rating 185 lbs

*Product specifications are subject to change without notice to improve reliability, function, availability or design.

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