Overland Vehicles

Overland Vehicles

Mantis Overland

Space to overland.

  • Dry Weight: 3,486 lbs
  • 14" Ground Clearance
  • Sleeps 4+ adults
  • Secure, pop-up roof for optimized ventilation

Cricket Overland

Everything you need to overland.

  • Dry Weight: 2,000 lbs
  • 14" Ground Clearance
  • Sleeps 2 adults + 2 children
  • Pop-up roof for optimized ventilation and protection

TigerMoth Overland

Lightweight, but rugged enough to overland

  • Dry Weight: 1,458 lbs
  • 18" Ground Clearance
  • Sleeps 2 adults (+3 adults with optional rooftop tent)
  • Open design offers optimal ventilation and views

Woolly Bear Overland

The overland ready go-anywhere basecamp.

  • 11’ 4" length: Storable in Standard Garage
  • Dry Weight: 1,400 lbs
  • Sleeps 3 Adults w/ Rooftop Tent
  • Off-Road-Ready Construction

Overlanding Trailers & Adventure Vehicles

For those looking for the perfect foundation and HQ for your next overlanding or off-roading trip, our overlanding campers are the perfect fit. With innovative design, durable materials, axle-less suspension, plenty of ground clearance, and much more, these vehicles are made to handle any terrain or conditions thrown at them.

Experience Your Journey Like Never Before

One of the key pillars of TAXA’s mission is to provide adventurers with everything they need to have an amazing journey, but nothing more. This means you’re comfortable, but are still immersed in the outdoors and able to take in the natural beauty of wherever you’re overlanding. With a range of sizes (all of which fit in a standard garage for storage) for different applications and groups, our overland trailers are adaptable to any climate, needs, or expedition. Click on any of the models above to explore each in more detail!

Overlanding Gear & Equipment

In addition to our overlanding trailers, we also have an assortment of upgrades, additional equipment, and accessories to customize your trailer exactly to your needs. From roof-top tents and awnings to adjustable load bars and much more, you can find everything you need on our gear page to browse what's available.

Overlanding Trailer FAQs

Can you overland with a trailer?

Overlanding with a trailer actually provides the best of both worlds — the versatility of just an off-roading vehicle with the space and livability of a small RV. It’s a great way to experience the outdoors and have a basecamp without sleeping in your truck or worrying about if your motorhome will be able to get up a steep ridge or across loose ground.

How big are overlanding trailers?

Because you’ll encounter a variety of terrain on each overlanding trip, trailers made for the purpose of overlanding tend to be slightly smaller on average than traditional travel trailers and motorhomes. However, they still come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with our options running from under 11’ up to nearly 20’ in length.

What makes overlanding trailers different from regular camping trailers?

The biggest difference is generally the “ruggedization” of the trailers, which usually includes things like larger and more durable wheels, higher ground clearance, and more flexible hitches.