Camping in a Roof Top Tent with your TAXA

One of the best features of TAXA Habitats, and most frequently asked questions we get from prospective customers and owners is “what roof top tent will work best on my habitat, if I want to add additional sleeping space?” 

We’ve created a guide to help you make that decision. The roof top tent is a great option to expand the capacity of your habitat, create additional space and areas to sleep and live, while still having easy access to your habitats conveniences. Additionally, with a roof top tent, the capacity of your habitat is extended by 2-3 people. Check out our most in-depth guide to all your roof top tent questions below.

Roof Top Tent Structural Questions:

Weight + Placement:

Customers often ask how much weight can the TAXA habitats support for a roof top tent?
Simply, there aren’t any roof top tents on the market that a habitat cannot support when the load bars are installed. The weight of most roof top tents is between 100-200lbs and then each individual tent has a weight capacity for the inhabitants of the tents. For example roof top tent, the Thule Tepui Explorer Kukenam 3, TAXA sells has a weight of 131 lbs (the weight of the tent) and static weight (when the habitat is not moving) capacity of 600lbs (the weight with inhabitants) – all TAXA habitats that support roof top tents support this weight and tent.

The Mantis, TigerMoth and Woolly Bear can all accommodate roof top tents. Unfortunately, due to the pitch of the Cricket roof, it cannot accommodate a roof top tent in a level configuration.

What are the structural dimensions for the platform?

  • Woolly Bear Deck: 90”x 51” (32” wide cargo deck, 51” across each riser)
  • TigerMoth Deck: 60”x 45”
  • Mantis Deck : 78”x43” 

Woolly Bear Roof Top Tent Diagram

Closed roof top tent on TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth

TigerMoth Roof Top Tent Diagram

Closed roof top tent on TAXA Outdoors Woolly Bear

Mantis Roof Top Tent Diagram

Closed roof top tent on TAXA Outdoors Mantis

Tips on how to install the Roof Top Tent on each habitat:

How to Install on a Woolly bear

Camping in a roof top tent is the ultimate basecamp set up with the Woolly Bear. With our most lightweight model, the Woolly Bear has a cargo deck of 90” and 51” wide at the top of the risers. This habitat contains nearly everything you’ve dreamed of: a full-size camping kitchen, large cargo capacity, pull-out cooler drawer, and the best part, a 3- person roof top tent. While we have yet to find a tent that isn’t compatible with the Woolly Bear, our habitat specialist recommends an additional set of risers to your order for more stability and load balance when using a larger tent. The three settings for Woolly Bear risers(measured from the ground): Low: 68.6″, Medium: 72.75″, High:76.5″ For more information on Woolly Bear specific dimensions, check out p.20 of the Woolly Bear Manual

Roof top tent camping in a Woolly Bear

How to Install on a TigerMoth

Next up, we have the TigerMoth. This habitat was designed with a roof top tent in mind. There are multiple configurations that can work including over the front of the tongue and on the driver’s side of the habitat. With the TigerMoth, you can fit 2 adults inside, a 3-person tent on top, with an awning room to fit even more. This model will fit a closed roof top tent measuring 60” by 45”.  Additionally, the load bars on the TAXA TigerMoth need to be configured so that the roof top tent lays flat. The How to Install a RTT on a TigerMoth video explains this in detail.

Camping in a roof top tent in TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth

How to Install on a Mantis

Lastly, we have Mantis. Mantis features all that you can dream of while exploring: two-burner stovetop, a sink, a wet bath and cassette toilet, air conditioner, and convertible bed-to-dinette design. Camping in Mantis is an experience that will make exploring your (and your family’s) favorite activity! This model is our largest habitat to date, including a full/ queen sized bed which comfortably sleeps 2 adults, and a folding bunk bed for additional sleeping space for 2 more adults. Not to mention, the Mantis is made with room for a roof top tent, too! Your tent of choice should be 78” by 43” or under. To avoid damaging your habitat, remember to leave a gap of at least 3 inches between the edge of the roof top tent and the edge of the roof when collapsed.

Roof Top Tent Configurations from our TAXA Community


Thule Roof Top Tent Configurations from TAXA Outdoors

Thule/ @whiskey_and_thewild

Roof Top Tent Configurations for TAXA Outdoors TigerMoth
Thule – 2 RCourtesy: John Garrett

CVT/ @xgridcampers

Roof Top Tent Configurations for TAXA Outdoors Mantis

CVT/ @wanderlustwoollybear

Roof Top Tent Configurations for TAXA Outdoors Woolly Bear

CVT/ @mrsoutboundoverland

Roof Top Tent Configurations for TAXA Outdoors habitat

Tepui/ @honeyqueen609


Tepui Roof Top Tent Configurations for TAXA Outdoors Woolly Bear

Roam/ @jscar_5

Roam / @texasadventureher

FrontRunner/ @jblax_overlanding

Roof nest/ @steviehersk

Roofnest / @steviehersk

Autohome/ @ukrnr

Yakima/ @monicageneva

Yakima/ @monicageneva

Ikamper/ @roarfamilyoverland

Ikamper/ @simplygocamper

Below you’ll find a list of roof top tent options that includes the favorites of TAXA owners.

No matter what brand of gear you choose, when camping in a rooftop tent, TAXA habitats are the perfect mounting base to make your trip comfortable. Want to learn more about other gear for your TAXA Habitat, check out our Camping Checklist.