When to Go Rugged - The Off-Road Travel Trailer

By TAXA Habitat Specialists \

When to Go Rugged - The Off-Road Travel Trailer

The off-road travel trailer boom is here and for good reason. These vehicles grant explorers the freedom to go (almost) anywhere without sacrificing safety. With that said, off-road modifications typically come at some kind of a premium. If you’re considering whether off-road is right for you, here are the primary advantages to consider.

Off-Road Travel Trailer Advantage #1 – Extra Longevity

We at TAXA take pride in build quality. Every one of our trailers is crafted one at a time in our Houston facility. We build each habitat with care, using proven, durable materials that last the test of time. These include powder-coated steel and high grade laser-cut aluminum among others.

Beyond this standard of quality though, our overland models (built specifically for off-road conditions) possess an even more robust ability to withstand impact and minimize damage. We achieve this through strategic modifications such as elevated ground clearance and an axle-less suspension.

This results in not only smoother rides but safer tows. Over time, this means less bumping, tugging, and scraping against vital components. Such enhancements become immediately necessary off-road. However, they play a role at protecting functionality on a more general level as well.

When dealing with a sizable investment like a travel trailer, going with an off-road model might be a prudent step towards maximizing the lifespan of your vehicle. If it’s yours, make it last.

Off-Road Travel Trailer - TAXA Mantis

Off-Road Travel Trailer Advantage #2 – All-Terrain Ready

This one probably goes without saying. However, it needs to be said. An off-road travel trailer expands the number of places you can go dramatically.

TAXA overland trailers manage this feat with the help of a few key features. As previously mentioned, we beef up the ground clearance on these vehicles, between 14″ and 18″ depending on the model. This choice reduces the chances of getting stuck on uneven ground. From there, our Lock ‘N’ Roll hitch utilizes 360 degrees of rotation and 3 axis movement. This drastically increases maneuverability on tight or windy paths. Finally, our overland vehicles boast All Terrain LT 225/75R16 tires. These can take on dirt, gravel, or mud in the rain, shine, or even light snow.

As such, off-road travel trailers empower adventurers to explore more places with greater freedom than ever before. Nothing stands in your way!

Off-Road Travel Trailer - TAXA Cricket

Off-Road Travel Trailer Advantage #3 – Overlanding Capability

Getting to the destination is only half the battle though. Once onsite, a travel trailer must then serve as many things. It’s a shelter, kitchen, bathroom, and storage facility. It’s a home, temporary as it may be.

Elite off-road trailers accomplish this idea while also thinking several days if not weeks ahead. They’re clever like that. They house all necessary resources for remote expeditions without bloating the footprint.

For example, the TAXA TigerMoth Overland packs in 12 cubic feet of underbed storage, a pull-out kitchen, sleeping area for 2 with the option of a rooftop tent to accommodate 3 more, and an exterior storage area to place gear. All of this comes in under 13′ in length and less than 2,000 lbs of dry weight.

Not to mention, all TAXA Overland models feature built-in electrical systems, external water systems, and pre-wired solar inlets. These features prove vital for prolonged dispersed camping. For more on that idea, check out this article from The Dyrt.

All in all, these travel trailers enable adventurers to go not only off-road but off-grid. They do far more than just get you there.

Off-Road Travel Trailer - TAXA TigerMoth


Off-road travel trailers offer specific advantages in the world of adventure vehicles. Their build quality and design modifications optimize the lifespan of the vehicles. These same design modifications also allow the vehicles to reach more destinations safely. Finally, these trailers’ design efficiencies empower adventurers to live off-grid for prolonged periods. They do more with less.

We at TAXA pride ourselves in this idea. Our off-road trailers maximize space, value, and engagement with the natural world. For more info on our overland offerings, check out the Mantis Overland, Cricket Overland, or TigerMoth Overland.