Safe Camping During Social Distancing

By TAXA Habitat Specialists \

Safe Camping During Social Distancing

For most, he recent threat of COVID-19 has completely affected our current way of life. Local governments have ordered many workers to shelter-in-place. Working from home and leaving only for essential reasons has become the new normal. This way of life has left many feeling anxious or confused on what the future holds. Our natural instinct to connect with others and the world around us has been suppressed for the moment, but that for many, it's still possible to enjoy safe camping during social distancing.

In this time of social detachment, we encourage you to enjoy the fresh air and explore the great outdoors from home or remotely as a means of social distancing. If you do decide to adventure during social distancing, here are a few recommendations for safe camping.

General Social Distancing Standards

Social distancing has proven to be one of the most potent mitigation strategies against the pandemic we now face. This strategy requires avoiding all unnecessary contact with others and requests roughly six feet between people at all times.

Many struggle with adhering to these guidelines in an urban setting. The temptation to be social, the hazards of essential work, or even everyday tasks like grocery shopping make it difficult to keep our distance from others every second of the day.

Safe Camping During Social Distancing - Travel

Isolating ourselves in nature, however, can be one of the more effortless and enjoyable social distancing strategies available. This could be a short getaway or an extended trip. Whatever the case, physically distancing yourself from others by practicing safe camping can help keep stop the spread.

Safe Camping During Social Distancing Means Finding Open Space

Larger cities have proven to be hotbeds for COVID-19. Thus, exploring less densely populated areas is probably a safer option at this time. Whether taking a road trip, exploring the wilderness, or finding a rural spot to dwell for an extended stay, leaving the close contact of city life for the seclusion of remote areas might be the perfect escape.

That said, if interacting with non-household members, it's wisest to practice safe camping through social distancing. Only partake in joint activities that allow for distance between those around you such as hiking or fishing.

Also, please respect the rural communities you do visit. Many of these possess a high concentration of elderly citizens. Even in small towns, please avoid crowded areas or long lines.

Follow Guidelines

Many current laws and restrictions oppose normalcy. However, we encourage you to respect all guidelines suggested by health experts and local governing bodies. Doing so is a necessary step in our joint effort to fight this invisible enemy.

This even applies when living off the grid and in the wild. After touching hard surfaces shared with others, please sanitize or wash your hands for twenty seconds with soap and warm water. Avoid touching your face or other open bodily cavities. Avoid unnecessary contact with other people.

If your state or national parks and preserves are still open, utilize them with caution. They might serve as an important resource to get away from city life and social distance in nature. If this is not the case however, respect those and other closures. Experts have set these in place to save lives. In time, these areas will open back up when it is safe.

Safe Camping During Social Distancing May Require Patience

Some may find camping or travel to be a safe and enjoyable strategy to find seclusion and practice social distancing. However, we recognize this may not be the case for many of us. If you are participating in a shelter-in-place or different form of lockdown at this time, we stand with you as you adapt to a new and ever-changing way of life. You are not alone in this fight.

Our hopes, dreams, passions, and plans are not going anywhere. Patience and determination are vital. When the moment is right, we will continue to play and explore. In the meantime, consider standing up to COVID-19 is another adventure.