Off-Road Travel Trailer Essentials

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Off-Road Travel Trailer Essentials

Adventure vehicles are becoming increasingly rugged. While bulky RV’s had their day in the sun, more and more manufacturers are combining thoughtful design with sturdy materials to create true off-road travel trailers. These vehicles specialize in transporting adventurers to dispersed locations with or without the help of a beaten path. When the latter applies, off-road travel trailers need to include several unique features to remain effective. With this in mind, here’s our list of the top off-road travel trailer essentials.

Off-Road Travel Trailer Essentials - TAXA Mantis

Off-Road Travel Trailer Build Requirements

Off-Road travel trailers must ensure safety and survival amidst tough conditions. This often means standing up to harsh weather and non-existent roadways. Such hazards present a near constant threat of wear and tear. Thus, trailers meant for overlanding or any kind of off-road transport require additional care in the build process. Campers do not want to be stranded in a trailer that falls apart in the middle of nowhere.

Generally speaking, the build involves material selection and construction method. TAXA Outdoors assembles our habitats primarily with steel and aluminum. These materials provide durability all the while retaining a lightweight appeal. That means less to haul and less to power. It also means more vehicles can safely tow our trailers.

From there, we lean into a handcrafted approach to manufacturing. Rather than using a bustling assembly line, our team collaborates on each vehicle one at a time. This provides us with a system to guarantee quality, all the while establishing a more personal connection with our customers.

Off-Road Travel Trailer Essentials - TAXA Factory

Off-Road Travel Trailer Ground Function

Off-road travel trailers require certain modifications to make sense in rugged environments. Most notably, they need to clear the ground by a foot or more to deal with uneven paths. For instance, TAXA Overland models feature 14″-18″ ground clearance. Even these specs offer no guarantees in the wild though. As such, these trailers should also include multiple recovery points if you ever get stuck.

Additionally, vehicles that ease tension at both the wheel and hitch perform the best on bumpy roads. Consequently, we include a lock n’ roll hitch that can rotate 360 degrees, axle-less suspension, and all-terrain tires on all our overland models. For a more detailed reference, here’s a diagram of the TigerMoth Overland‘s clearance strategy.

Off-Road Travel Trailer Essentials - TigerMoth Overland

Off-Road Travel Trailer Remote Capability

Off-road adventures do not have to involve dispersed camping, but many do. Accordingly, these travel trailers must plan ahead to remain functional in remote situations.

This starts with the basics. In order to survive off-grid for days or weeks, storage is key. The trailer needs to house food, gear, appliances, and living areas virtually on top of each other. Naturally, clever designs with a focus on efficiency shine the brightest. For instance, the Cricket Overland‘s V-Berth approach allows for both a full-size bed and 25 cubic feet of storage to inhabit the same space. On a broader scale, the Mantis Overland manages to pack a full galley kitchen, beds for four adults, and over 1,000 lbs of storage all within a 19′ frame.

Changing gears, true off-road travel trailers must also include a prolonged power solution of some kind. In many cases, this means a compartment for an extra battery or generator. While that strategy works just fine, it does use precious storage space and relies on a finite power supply. To combat these limitations, TAXA Overland models feature built-in electrical systems and pre-wired solar inlets to power remote expeditions lasting over a week with ease.

Off-Road Travel Trailer Essentials - Cricket Overland


Off-roading is difficult and presents a unique set of challenges to travel trailers. The general hazards of overlanding require additional strength and care in the build. Off-road vehicles must also take special precautions to safely travel over unpredictable roadways. Finally, these trailers must master efficiency in order to house all necessary resources for dispersed expeditions.

In response to these needs, we at TAXA pride ourselves in being at the forefront of off-road innovation. It’s all a part of encouraging exploration and connection with the natural world. For more info on our overland offerings, check out the Mantis Overland, Cricket Overland, or TigerMoth Overland.