How to Choose a Travel Trailer

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How to Choose a Travel Trailer

Knowing how to choose a travel trailer can be difficult. With new models popping up every year, the options might seem overwhelming. As a result, breaking down your specific needs becomes vital to making an informed decision. Here are a few things to consider while choosing a mobile habitat.

How to Choose a Travel Trailer Size


The primary size factor to consider is weight. A trailer won’t be terribly useful if you can’t tow it safely. If you already know the towing vehicle, this could limit your options. To know what your vehicle is capable of towing, here’s a tow capacity lookup tool.


There are similar questions around vehicle footprint. For instance, what are the trailer’s storage space dimensions? Does your destination have size restrictions? How many people do you hope to accommodate? In any event, doing this homework beforehand ensures your travel trailer search remains practical.

Storage Capacity

Now think about your ideal trip in this vehicle. How much cargo will you need? Are these items big and bulky? Could they be packed into smaller compartments?

Storage space varies wildly from vehicle to vehicle. With this in mind, select one with robust capacity if you tend to pack heavy or take extended excursions.

How to Choose a Travel Trailer for Versatility

Rugged Requirements

Many travel trailers excel in domestic features but lack the specs to handle rough terrains. If you are planning on dispersed camping or overlanding, will the tires and material last the test of time?

To illustrate, Cricket Overland features an axle-less wheel design along with Cooper AT3 LT off-road tires. These modifications ensure a smooth ride on the roughest of roads without sacrificing comfort.

How to Choose a Travel Trailer - Rugged Requirements

Customizable Spaces

Perhaps your adventures tend to vary. Sometimes, you enjoy minimalist solo trips while other group expeditions require lots of gear. In this case, definitely consider a vehicle with modular sleeping, living, or storage space to accommodate as needed.

How to Choose a Travel Trailer for Lifestyle Amenities


How picky are you about restroom options? Are you content with mobile camping solutions? Do you require a sink, shower, and running water? Just as preferences vary, so do the vehicles themselves.


Select trailers include full kitchens. However, many offer limited cooking options. If you are someone who needs a stove, cooler, or countertop, ensure your trailer has you covered.

How to Choose a Travel Trailer - Amenities


Many modern travel trailers include a temporary power solution. Even so, consider the length of your planned expeditions and the amount of required power. If your needs seem robust, research travel trailers with an easily swappable battery or solar capabilities. For example, most TAXA habitats are pre-wired for solar input.


All things considered, what other extras do you need? Will your adventures require additional heat, cooling, or ventilation? Would you prefer a trailer with supplementary lighting or ample windows? Noting add-on capability and inherent limitations might narrow down the search that much more.


Options abound these days while looking for a quality travel trailer. Consequently, many factors go into choosing one. Whether seeking a home away from home or an overlanding beast, the vehicle of your dreams awaits. To help find the right mobile habitat for your adventures, check out our habitat quiz.

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