Cold Weather Camping in a TAXA Habitat

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Cold Weather Camping in a TAXA Habitat

Just because the weather is cold and snow has made its way into the forecast, doesn’t mean adventuring has to end for the season. We’re big proponents of cold weather camping – especially in TAXA habitats.

If the temperatures are set to drop below freezing (32 degrees F) – we recommend winterizing the plumbing systems in your habitat. That being said, our team (and lots of habitat owners) have enjoyed winter camping in TAXA habitats in well below freezing temperatures.

The most often asked question when it comes to cold weather camping: How do I stay warm?

Cricket and Mantis both come standard with a Truma Combi Eco furnace to keep you toasty inside. Running on propane, the Truma system temperature control allows you to set your desired level, and will kick on as needed to keep your space comfortable.

Keeping the habitat insulated are kynar-painted aluminum panels with a closed-cell foam core. It’s not uncommon for the aluminum panels to be cold to the touch in low temperatures – we’ve found that a blanket between you and the wall helps keep you warm while sleeping. If you’re expecting an especially chilly night, you can always drop the roof on both Cricket and Mantis to ensure you stay warm. Small USB fans can help circulate the heat as well. Like with any space trying to retain heat, the biggest loss of heat occurs when a door or hatch is opened.

TAXA Explorer, Ryan, recently tested out a couple nights in below freezing temperatures in his 2021 Mantis.

If you’re camping in a TigerMoth or a Roof Top Tent on Woolly Bear, we recommend a space heater like the Mr. Buddy. It keeps the space toasty, and has safety measures in place to turn off if tipped over. Proper ventilation is always recommended if using a space heater – crack a window!

While TAXA habitats have features like the Truma furnace to make cold weather camping easier, it’s still a good idea to make sure your sleeping bags are rated for the correct season, and that you’re dressing warm! You are, after all, camping in winter!

What about water…can I use the plumbing?

While Cricket and Mantis both have integrated plumbing systems, we recommend winterizing those systems when temperatures drop below freezing (32 degrees F).

The freshwater tank and grey water tank are mounted under the deck, exposing them to the cold. Inside the habitat, the heat from the Truma furnace keeps the interior plumbing warm, at which point, it’s just a matter of pulling water out of the fresh tank if it starts to freeze. If you are just below freezing at 30 degrees, the ambient warmth from the heater in the trailer should be enough to keep things moving in the plumbing. There are after-market products out there to help keep your water tanks in use during cold weather. ThermaHeat heater pads have an easy peel-and-stick installation and a thermostat to automatically turn the heating pad on and off, depending on the temperature. Don’t forget to also insulate the pipes.

If you choose not to insulate your water tanks and pipes, to protect the systems, we don’t advise running your freshwater when camping in temperatures below freezing. We do recommend filling a water jug (like this one) to keep inside your habitat. And if you’re doing dishes – this pop up tub is a great workaround to using the sink.

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