Best Brand of Pop Up Camper

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Best Brand of Pop Up Camper

Adventurers generally define pop up campers as towable living spaces with some ability to expand or collapse as needed. Given these mobile-friendly traits, pop up campers have become a staple of modern adventuring vehicles. With so many options available though, which is the best brand of pop up camper?

Pop Up Camper Benefits

Before exploring the marketplace, let’s dive into some of the benefits of owning a pop up camper.


Pop up campers typically require less material due to their inclusion of modular or synthetic walls. This typically translates to a savings of thousands of pounds in overall weight.

As a result, they enable towing by something as small as an SUV all the while optimizing fuel economy. These benefits make pop up campers an attractive option for both the casual and rugged camper alike.

Space Saving

Whether meeting the restrictions of a campground or squeezing through a tight road while overlanding, size tends to matter in a camping vehicle.

With that said, pop up campers typically occupy minimal space while mobile. Upon expansion, they still offer efficient square footage, combining living, sleeping, and storage areas into a seamless footprint.

Price Point

Recreational vehicles can easily become expensive. That said, most think of pop up campers as some of the more affordable options on the market. Rather than paying for the excess of an RV or bulk of a classic trailer, pop up campers generally take a “less is more” approach and offer more flexibility in additive costs.

Best Brand of Pop Up Camper Criteria

Now that we have defined the primary benefits of owning a pop up camper, here are our criteria for evaluating a pop up camper brand.


How well does the brand combine spaces? As mentioned above, space is a vital consideration while camping. A purposeful layout can make all the difference between feeling comfortable or crammed.

Best brand of pop up camper - TAXA space efficiency


Will the brand’s vehicle stand the test of a single trip let alone time?

While generally more affordable, pop up campers are still a significant investment. A vehicle’s ability to last based on material and overall build quality is certainly something to consider before purchasing.


Does the brand embrace modularity?

Some people might have a very specific context for necessitating a vehicle. However, most need pop up campers that meet all sorts of demands based on diverse seasonal, geographic, or cargo requirements.

Best brand of pop up camper - TAXA TigerMoth

Best Brand of Pop Up Camper Conclusion

And the winner is….whatever meets YOUR needs! While we can’t offer a single answer, hopefully this article can serve as food for thought if you’re weighing some options.

That said, we at TAXA believe that our campers excel in all of these categories. From the rugged efficiency of the Cricket to the more robust amenities of the Mantis, our campers combine purposeful design with quality construction. In doing so, we maximize space, value, and most importantly, engagement with the natural world.

For more information on the best brand of pop up camper available, check out this list here from Go Travel Trailers, or take our TAXA Habitats Quiz to get tailored suggestions on which vehicles best fit your needs.

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