Camping & Overland Trailer Accessories to Enhance Your Adventure

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Camping & Overland Trailer Accessories to Enhance Your Adventure

Adding overland trailer accessories to your camper can not only make your adventures more comfortable but safer and more self-sufficient, too. We’ve put together a guide to some of our favorite overland trailer accessories that will enhance your adventure rather than distract from it.

Overlanding safety & mobility necessities

Before we share our favorite overlanding accessories, we wanted to emphasize the importance of making sure that you invest in overlanding necessities before going on your next trip.

For example, you don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat. You should always make sure you have a solution for wheel repair or replacement on both your towing vehicle and trailer. If your adventure vehicle lacks a spare tire, make sure you bring along an air compressor and patching kit.

For a more comprehensive overview of what you need to get started overlanding, check out our articles: Travel Trailer Necessities, What is Overlanding?, and Overlanding for Beginners.

Overland camping accessories

Every adventure is different. Some might thrust campers into a remote or rural territory but still provide access to power, running water, and bathrooms. Others might require wilderness exploration. Whatever the case, it’s important to consider which amenities you must include in your vehicle before your expedition begins.

Ask yourself: Does your camper include solutions for running water, a stove, sink, bathing, and lighting? If not, you might consider purchasing camping trailer accessories that could account for these — depending on the intended length of your adventure and you/your traveling companions’ preferred comfort level while overlanding or camping.

At TAXA, one of our favorite travel trailer accessories for camping is the Thule Tepui 3-Person Rooftop Tent. Able to withstand the elements and quick to set up, adventurers can use the tent year-round and bunk down with the whole family.

Mantis Fuel Efficient Pull Behind Camper

The Thule Tepui 3-Person Rooftop Tent in action ft. the TAXA Mantis.

If you’re doing some solo overlanding or camping, the 23Zero Kabari Rooftop Tent single sleeper provides a succinct alternative to the Tepui. It comes with large windows (with insect mesh), perfect for ventilation and catching views, and can be used to store your ladder or sleeping materials when not in use.

Primus portable stove

Another top piece of overlanding gear for the seasoned or beginner overlander alike is the Primus Portable Kinjia Stove (pictured left). Compact and durable, the Kinjia comes with 2 burners that allow you to cook multiple dishes at different temperatures. Keep in mind that you’ll need propane to make it work, which we’ll cover below.

Overland trailer accessories for power

Most modern adventure vehicles include some kind of temporary power solution. But depending on the length of your expedition and the amount of power you will need, you might want to consider adding an alternative power source to your trailer.

Generators are the conventional solution for this problem. However, some vehicles can now accommodate solar panels as well. Solar panels (optional on the TAXA Tiger Moth) can greatly extend your battery’s life. If you buy enough wattage, you can potentially run on this forever without needing to recharge.

If not, a spare battery can also work. A 90-100Ah battery gets most people through a weekend of camping using their refrigerator, lights, water pump, and furnace. Once you have an electrical solution, you can take advantage of lighting and appliances. This provides additional safety and saves time performing chores and navigating your campsite during twilight hours.

Finally, you may want to consider whether or not you should invest in a propane package. Propane is most frequently used in heating the stove or grill for cooking, but can also be leveraged to power your refrigerator, heat your water, or run an A/C.

Woolly Bear with rooftop tent from TAXA Outdoors

Get the grill or tailgate setup of your dreams with a propane package ft. TAXA’s Woolly Bear trailer and the 23Zero Kabari Rooftop Tent.

Overlanding sporting accessories

Part of the joys of overlanding is getting out in nature. For lots of overlanders, that means more than just hiking and camping — which, in turn, means transporting items like bikes, boats, fishing rods, and more.

For transporting bikes, we recommend the Thule Range (pictured right). The Range is designed to handle rugged travel and extreme forces. It carries a maximum of 4 bikes of a wide variety of sizes and frame styles that can be packed away when not needed.

Don’t need to carry 4 bikes? Check out smaller options like the UpRide or the ProRide.

Thule Range

Thule CompassIf you plan on taking your kayak or paddle board on your next overland excursion, the Thule Compass (pictured above) is a versatile water sports carrier that allows for multiple configuration styles, fits all rack systems with universal hardware, and can be folded down for aerodynamic storage when not in use.

Anglers can safely transport up to 6 of their favorite fully rigged fishing rods with the Thule RodVault (pictured right). Made with aircraft-grade, anodized aluminum for maximum protection, you can rest assured that your rods will be safe and sound and ready to help you catch The Big One at any point on your adventure.

Thule Rodvault

Keep in mind that if you want to haul bikes, boats, and boards, you will need a suitable rooftop or wall to attach racks or tracks to secure these items. Double-checking space requirements and manufacturer suggestions on this is highly advised.

Woolly Bear from TAXA Outdoors with Rooftop tent and bikes

Investing in high-quality, adjustable load bars can also protect large or heavy items when hauling these in internal storage compartments.

Accessories for keeping your overland trailer clean

Keeping your trailer clean — particularly during wilderness camping — can be challenging. Remember, your bedroom might also double as your kitchen.

If your trailer does not have a dedicated trash compartment, you might consider adding this to your gear. A bear-proof locker in particular might make for a wise purchase to store scented items in applicable regions.

Smart, small overland trailer accessories like this Boot Bag can help you avoid tracking mud into your habitat or tent, whereas larger storage solutions like a roof basket and stretch cargo net can keep your trailer clear of items that you don’t always need on-hand.

Thule Bootbag

The Tepui Boot Bag, also available in gray.

You probably won’t regret having a nice handheld vacuum on hand either. Having something to scoop up small trash and pesky crumbs goes a long way toward keeping your mobile habitat pleasant.

Overlanding accessories for comfort

While many adventurers might not prioritize comfort, self-sufficiency doesn’t always have to mean the maximum level of hardship. A little of it goes a long way sometimes, particularly when you’re regularly out in the elements or overlanding with kids.

Depending on your location, the season, and the forecast, mosquito nets and screen doors can drastically enhance your adventure. Hindering unwanted wildlife or insects is not only a safety benefit but using nets and screens rather than doors also allows campers to maintain a visual connection with the outdoors.

For example, the Tepui Mosquito Netting (pictured right) can provide a four-sided mosquito shelter perfect for protected cooking or reading outside while still offering access to your trailer or camp space. TAXA even offers a Soft Goods Package that comes with a mosquito screen for your door, a shower tent, and an awning for some extra shade.

Mosquito netting

Meanwhile, air conditioning, an awning, or additional insulation might also play a key role in getting proper sleep and maintaining morale. Regulating temperature at your home base can play a key role in maximizing rest periods and boosting energy levels.

Speaking of boosting energy levels, getting adequate sleep while overlanding can be challenging, especially when hazardous conditions or weather force you indoors. A sleep system like TAXA’s Folding Couch / Bunk Bed combo can make the most of a small space.

If you’re traveling with kids, having a setup like our Kid’s Berth Set can provide you with even more sleeping space, and they look awesome, too.

Folding bunk bed combo from TAXA Outdoors

(Adorable pup not included)

Folding couch from TAXA Outdoors

Folding Couch / Bunk Bed System

Folding couch from TAXA Outdoors

Kid's Berth Set

Last but certainly not least in terms of comfort on the road are bathrooms. Having a designated space inside or outside of your trailer to bathe and use the bathroom in relative comfort can save you a lot of headaches, especially if you’re not traveling alone.

A Wet Bath with Shower & Cassette Toilet add-on can make a huge difference in quality of life if you’re spending weeks on an expedition. But even equipping your camping trailer with a simple-yet-efficient portable toilet (pictured right) can provide significant peace of mind.

Wet Bath with Shower & Cassette Toilet from TAXA Outdoors

The best overlanding accessory is your sense of adventure

Camping, overlanding, boondocking – no matter what you’re doing with your travel trailer, the experience should revolve around what’s outdoors, not indoors.

TAXA Outdoors helps keep you equipped by providing both trailers (called Habitats at TAXA) and a wide assortment of overland trailer accessories for navigating outdoor adventures. All of the Habitats and accessories we highlight here are all meant to encourage and enhance time in nature.

Explore all of our Habitats, including Mantis Overland, Cricket Overland, TigerMoth Overland, Woolly Bear Overland, or check out all TAXA parts, gear, and accessories (including those covered in this article) today.