Best Small Travel Trailers 2021

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Best Small Travel Trailers 2021

Travel trailers have certainly come a long way. Gone are the days of the needlessly bulky caravans. The best Small Travel Trailers in 2021 favor the lean with a focus on functional.

They are typically no longer than 20 feet and no heavier than 5,000 pounds. These requirements translate to a lower price tag and easier towing. In fact, most could be pulled with a mid-size SUV.

Obviously we’re biased, as we aim to create the highest quality camping vehicles in the industry, but below is our list of the best small travel trailers in 2021.

Best Versatile Travel Trailers

Mantis is one of the best Small Travel Trailers 2021

TAXA Mantis

For those with families, pets, or just in need of a little more space, Mantis is the king of versatility. Thoughtfully designed, the Mantis is saturated with adaptable spaces. The trailer boasts lots of headroom and comfortable seating for six. Its storage tower provides easy access for spatial transformations when needed.

Despite ample living room, the Mantis still includes plenty of helpful amenities. Its full galley kitchen includes a sink, two-burner stove, and water heater. Additionally, the trailer comes standard with a 8,000 BTU air conditioner, 8 ft patio awning, and an exterior hot/cold shower.

While excelling in comfort, the trailer has plenty of rugged personality. Its 15-inch steel wheels accompanied by all-terrain tires prove suitable for even the roughest of off-road adventures. In this way and others, the Mantis proves an excellent blend of style, comfort, and go-anywhere durability.

Best Rugged Travel Trailers

Cricket is one of the best Small Travel Trailers 2021

TAXA Cricket

The TAXA Cricket approaches design with durability in mind. However, it never sacrifices the practical.

Towable by most 4-cylinder engine vehicles, the Cricket sleep two adults and two children comfortably. Its five swing windows coupled with an expandable mesh tent top offer a superior approach to ventilation and lighting. The optional 5,000 BTU air conditioner is just the cherry on top.

Beyond spatial fluidity, the Cricket delivers the essentials for comfort. It includes a two-burner stove, covered sink, and an exterior hot/cold shower.

Its NASA-inspired design proves capable when facing the outdoors. Equipped with a laser cut aluminum skeleton and powder-coated steel gravel guards, the Cricket is built tough.

15 in. allow wheels cement its confident attitude to facing all terrains. This combination of sophisticated design with a rugged outer shell make the Cricket an attractive option for a multitude of off-road destinations.

Best Lightweight Travel Trailers

Cricket is one of the best Small Travel Trailers 2021

TAXA TigerMoth

The TAXA TigerMoth is a lightweight trailer designed for big adventures.

It features sleeping room for 2 adults (+3 more with an optional rooftop tent), and features a slide out camp kitchen with a two-burner portable stove. TigerMoth is ideal for remote camping spots and has a dry weight of only 1,310 lbs (towable by many 4-cylinder vehicles).

A large side hatch allows for easy access when loading/unloading, amazing views and breeze from all angles. And a built-in electrical system, external water system and pre-wired solar inlet allows you to exist off the grid in comfort.


Options abound these days while looking for a quality small travel trailer. Whether you are hoping for something designed for home life, overlanding, or somewhere in between, the vehicle of your dreams awaits. To help find the right mobile habitat for your adventures, check out our habitat quiz.

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