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Design Process

Adventuring equipment you sleep in.

NASA-inspired design principles that maximize comfort
and efficiency. Or, cozy meets bear-proof.


The choreography of life in small space.

Working for the Habitatability Design Center at NASA taught us to think about space and how it is used it in very human terms. Every TAXA habitat design begins with an outline of all the things we imagine people need to do with it. We think about everywhere they will take it and everyone who will be using it.

Tall, short, thick, thin, young and old. We think about all of us and how we fit and move. We build full scale mock ups of cardboard and 2x4s and get our biggest and smallest into the mock up to observe them and ask them questions. We talk about cooking and sleeping and weather and fishing and hunting and watching shooting stars and parents staying up later than their kids (or the other way around). We talk about bathroom use and lovemaking and muddy dogs and bed wetting kids and reading glasses. We talk about safety and security. We talk about blending in to the eco-system of parks and campgrounds and highways and Forest Service roads and garages. We talk about solar power and camping under a forest canopy.

We talk about not making a disposable product. And then we stop talking and start making.


All the inside you need to enjoy outside.

We build every TAXA habitat to put you right where nature intended, outside.

Every TAXA product is made with proven, durable materials that last. And drawing on our NASA roots, we’re proud to manufacture exclusively in our home city, Houston, Texas and employ our neighbors in the community.

The result are high performance, robust, habitats that allows you to make it your own in imaginative ways. Inspired by space stations and bikes and boats, we’re big believers in functionality that serve multi-purposes and allows you to adapt them as you see fit.

It’s why TAXA structures are exposed and little is hidden. We want you to be able to take your imagination along for the journey and innovate along the way.


What the journey teaches us goes into every TAXA habitat.

TAXA mobile human habitats look different from anything else on the road because they are different. But it’s a difference born of purpose and what the journey teaches us going forward.

To us, there are path people and there are map people. Path people never stray from the path. Map people might get lost but they always know how to find themselves. And the things they experience and learn along the way lead to new things.

TAXA is for map people. And we design our mobile human habitats to support finding your way to somewhere new.

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