Tips for Winterizing your Habitat

Tips for Winterizing your Habitat

If storing your trailer in persistently cold weather, you’ll need to prepare it appropriately.

We recommend storing your habitat in a dry, level, well-ventilated area.

Step 1:


  • Close all vents + windows
  • Raise leveling jacks
  • Retract front step
  • Wash the exterior (don’t forget the roof + tires + wheels)
  • Extend the awning (if you have one), vacuum/sweep away branches and leaves. Wash with a mild, natural soap to reduce mildew. Allow to dry completely before retracting.
  • Inspect sealants (windows/doors/roof racks)
  • Secure all exterior components (7 pin connector, breakaway switch, safety chains)
Wash exterior
Close all windows
Inspect sealants


  • Lubricate all grease fittings on the axle hubs
  • Check tires for damage + set tire pressure to the max indicated on the tire sidewall
  • Clean the underside of the trailer – wash off mud or other road accumulations on frame, axles, or other components
  • Inspect for any damage
  • Chock wheels to prevent habitat from rolling unexpectedly
Check tires + set pressure

Step 2:


  • Empty/clean your fridge/cooler. Block lid open to provide air movement
  • Spread out cushions so air can reach all sides
  • Place containers of moisture-gathering beads in the habitat
  • Clean the floor, walls, surfaces
Spread out cushions



Proper prep and winterization of your fresh + wastewater systems are vital. Freezing water expands and can lead to possible rupture of tubing, fittings, tanks, and fixtures.

  • Empty fresh water tank
  • Empty grey water tank
  • Open all faucets (hot + cold) in the sink + shower
  • Turn the yellow drain valve located under the kitchen sink within the plumbing access to drain
  • Disconnect the shower hose + the drain hose
  • Drain the TRUMA combi eco hot water system per manufacturer instructions (see page 12 + 13 of the TRUMA manual)
  • Use an air compressor to blow out any remaining water
  • Fill P traps with non-toxic anti-freeze (sink drain + shower drain)
Turn the yellow drain valve
Blow out any remaining water
Fill P traps with non-toxic anti-freeze


  • Turn the battery off with the battery cut off switch
  • Unplug the AC (if applicable)
  • Disconnect your batteries (removal is optional)
Disconnect your batteries


  • Get a cover for your habitat (if storing outside)