TigerMoth FAQs

TigerMoth FAQs

What is your recommended heater to use in a TigerMoth?
– We suggest the Mr. Buddy heater, placed on the front shelf with the window open to ensure proper ventilation.

Will you consider a future design innovation for the TigerMoth, to incorporate a sink with an onboard water tank of say 15 gallons?
– We’re always innovating design-wise with all our habitats. The TigerMoth however is beloved by many because it has a smart, yet simplistic design which makes maintenance and ownership quite effortless. However, you could see more accessory additions in the future to cater to these types of features.

How many people can sleep in a TigerMoth?
– Two adults can sleep in the main compartment, but the TigerMoth can accommodate a 3 person roof top tent as well.

What kind of vehicle do I need to tow a TigerMoth?
– The TigerMoth has a dry weight of 1,310 lbs, making it super light even when loaded, making it easy to tow for most 4-cylinder vehicles.

Can you camp in a TigerMoth in freezing temperatures?
– You can! In fact, because it doesn’t have an onboard water tank, there’s much less to prep for colder temps. We’ve had several owners take their TigerMoth’s to Alaska in winter and report no issues.