TAXA Outdoors & Goal Zero Join Forces to Showcase Off-Grid Adventure Technology

TAXA Outdoors & Goal Zero Join Forces to Showcase Off-Grid Adventure Technology

LAS VEGAS, NV TAXA Outdoors, the innovative outdoor brand known for lightweight, garageable, off-grid adventure vehicles, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Goal Zero, the industry leader in smart, portable power. The collaboration will debut in Goal Zero’s display in Booth #53207 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held in Las Vegas, NV from January 9-12, 2024. 

The highlight of this collaboration is a custom-built Mantis Adventure Vehicle from TAXA Outdoors, outfitted with Goal Zero's Escape Ecosystem and featuring the powerful Yeti PRO 4000 Portable Power Station. This integration marks a significant leap forward in off-grid adventure technology, providing adventurers with a comprehensive vehicle energy management system. 

“It's so obvious that the future is electric,” says TAXA Outdoors Founder and Chief Design Officer Garrett Finney. “For homes, for cities, for vehicles, for adventure. That is why it was a no-brainer to say yes to plotting the future with Goal Zero. It was great to work with Goal Zero on an electrical system for the great outdoors. They are smart, thoughtful, and forward-looking. Most importantly they are applied and like us, know that the future starts today. The outdoor solution we are showing is for right now and is right-now-practical. It’s important to us to improve the world today where it is at.”

TAXA x Goal Zero @ CES

TAXA Outdoors’ Mantis is a rugged camping trailer with sleeping space for 4+ adults. Its NASA-inspired design features two activity areas at the front and rear of the floorplan, with extensive storage, kitchen, and bathroom setups. As with the rest of TAXA’s adventure vehicles, Mantis is storable in a standard garage, light enough to be towed by most vehicles, and built to go off the beaten path. 

Now featuring Goal Zero's Escape Ecosystem, the custom Mantis shown at CES includes Goal Zero's state-of-the-art Boulder 100i solar panels, Yeti PRO 4000 Power Station and Expansion Tank, Escape smart control display, and accessories, ensuring a seamless, sustainable power supply for extended off-grid journeys.

The Yeti PRO 4000 Portable Power Station offers adventurers a reliable and powerful source of clean, renewable energy. With this portable power station, adventurers can enjoy comforts such as air conditioning, lighting, and electronics even in the remotest locations. The Yeti PRO 4000 comes with 3,600 watt power out and 7,200 watt surge, enabling it to run almost any appliance. When you’re ready to charge up, the Yeti PRO 4000 has 3,000 W solar input to charge from 0% to 80% in under 90 minutes while you're off grid.

The integration of TAXA Outdoors' adventure vehicles with Goal Zero's Escape Ecosystem creates a comprehensive energy management system that empowers adventurers to stay off the grid for longer durations without compromising on comfort or safety.

Attendees of CES 2024 can visit Booth #53207 at the Las Vegas Convention Center to experience firsthand the powerful synergy between TAXA Outdoors and Goal Zero, witnessing the future of off-grid adventure technology.

About TAXA Outdoors:

Founded by a former NASA architect, TAXA Outdoors makes lightweight, aerodynamic, adventure vehicles that can be towed by most vehicles and stored in most garages. Each vehicle is customizable to your lifestyle, designed with thoughtful details and built from quality materials in Houston, Texas. TAXA — everything you need and nothing you don’t to GO ALL OUT. Learn more at

About Goal Zero:

A global leader in clean, consumer power solutions, Utah-based Goal Zero, an NRG company, created the portable power station category in 2009, following a humanitarian mission to bring sustainable energy to those in need. Since then, it has evolved its clean power solutions to meet expanding customer needs from emergency outages at home to professional and outdoor recreation needs at the campsite, tailgate, worksite, or off-grid events. Our solar panels, power stations and accessories allow you to power anything, anywhere. For more information, visit

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