TAXA Camping Countdown

A story from Marie-Louise Woodings

Our TAXA TigerMoth Trailer has been one of the best purchases for our family of four. We have been owners for just over a year now. Last June, we drove from Los Angeles to Las Vegas with our Toyota 4Runner to pick up the trailer. I remember the first time we saw TAXA in person. It was the most compact well-crafted trailer we ever laid eyes upon. Parked on the showroom floor, in its most impressive state, was this beautiful piece of art, grand presence, but small in size, and filled with potential. From that moment on, TAXA has become the perfect living space for our outdoor adventures.

We have camped in the desert, mountains, and at the beach. Operating the trailer is done with relative ease. It is simple to haul. It is easy to keep clean. The setup and breakdowns are quick. The kids and dad have made a game of it all. After the trailer is backed in, the first thing to do is pick a desirable view. It is a highly sought-after role that alternates between family members with each new destination. On this last Pismo Beach trip, my son picked the vantage point. The cabin has become his favorite place to chill while recuperating from an ACL surgery. He chose the lagoon for the glassy water and wildlife viewing potential. The entire weekend we watched ducks, beavers, and a light fog spill in and out of the picture. Customizing the view is effortless. My husband pushes the trailer at the small front wheel until he hears one of us call to stop. Then we can take advantage of the surroundings for the remainder of our stay.

After a view has been selected, our twelve-year-old daughter plays monkey-in-the-treetop with dad. She loves climbing up on top of the trailer to put the support stakes in for the tent canvas (all can be done from the ground, but making a game of it has everyone involved). When the tent is up and ready to go, we play a spatial awareness game. Any overflow sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets are tossed up into the tent during a game of catch. The remaining luggage is placed neatly in the back row of the Toyota. Everything has its place minimizing any confusion.

TAXA has plenty of space. There are areas within the cabin to hang nets for extra storage (although we have not needed this feature yet). Under the cabin’s seating is space for containers,

additional bedding, extra water, and the tabletop. The cabin floor offers adequate room during transit for other equipment too. We are a family who loves to play with inflatable paddle boards, an electric bike, and a scooter which can all be stored in that area. My husband has an entire setup in his kitchenette complete with utensils, plates, a Coleman cooking stove, oil, and spices. The trailer fits it all.

Within the past year, we have become accustomed to compliments from people everywhere. It’s as if our joy, wide grins, and relaxed lifestyle have radiated onto those around us. We love hearing compliments during our travels. Sometimes the compliments come from campers strolling or biking by on their outings. Amongst outdoor stillness, it’s easy to listen to the conversations. Others come from campers at the station pumping gas into their motorhomes. Some come from neighbors who are inconspicuously trying to observe a lifestyle different from their own. They watch us under the awning eating a family meal together or escaping a summer downpour. Onlookers try to peek into the cabin to locate the source of explosive laughter while we play board games or mess around on the ukulele. Pleasantries are also shared through gazes and genuine smiles from our traveling compadres. We have created a list of our ten favorite compliments that confirm why TAXA provides the perfect way to travel and live in the outdoors.

  • *10 I like your setup.
  • *9 That’s ideal!
  • *8 I’m just admiring your little rig.
  • *7 You fit a lot of stuff in that camper.
  • *6 I have never seen one of those before.
  • *5 Who sleeps in the penthouse?
  • *4 You probably get Wifi and satellite from up there.
  • *3 Mom needs one of those!
  • *2 I need to get one of those to pull behind my motor home!
  • *1 You wouldn’t buy a trailer like that if you didn’t want compliments.

Whatever the case, those who view TAXA, see it with intrigue, awe, and fascination. When our summer vacation property is not available, there is a challenge. The summer months are recharge time for the family as we take a step back from our packed year. Initially, I

didn’t know how to handle the lack of accessibility to our getaway property, but TAXA transformed that concern into confidence. Here is a big shoutout to the small trailer that continues to make such an impact on our family. Thank you TAXA for giving us home on wheels away from home. Thank you for showing us an easier and quicker way to respond to nature’s call with her abundance. We do this in record time, backyard wilderness only a step away from the trailer. When the side wing and door open, the outdoor adventure begins. Thank you TAXA for continuously providing us with the perfect living and traveling balance, just what we need to make the most of our outdoor time.