Outdoors for Everyone: Topo Designs x TAXA Outdoors

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Outdoors for Everyone: Topo Designs x TAXA Outdoors

At Topo Designs and TAXA Outdoors, we collectively believe in modern utility, inclusivity, and sustainability. We build products that enable you to continuously redefine what the outdoors means to you. Ones that encourage you to expand your rhythms of life and soak up all the outside has to offer while working flawlessly and keeping your footprints small. Whether that’s taking a ride through town or heading out to the remote wilderness, we’re here to inspire you to experience the outdoors the way you want.

Both Topo and TAXA have brought this collaboration to life through the lenses of three inspirational, talented individuals. Each of them spent time with the Woolly Bear putting it to use, in their own environment, exemplifying a unique sense of utility, versatility, and personal connection to their “outdoor.”


Great design minds think alike. We were initially attracted to Topo when we saw their cutting edge urban outdoor designs and then we learned about our shared passion for the Great Outdoors, removing any and all barriers to getting more people out there in every way. After that, everything came together in sync with all team members focused on removing challenges to being OUT and we’re very proud and excited about what we’ve created.

Garrett Finney, Founder, CEO, Chief Design Officer, TAXA Outdoors

I remember the very first time I saw a Cricket set up at a campsite next to me, it was mind blowing. The obvious uniqueness and design forward approach was such a game changer for a space that really needed a fresh take. That kind of thinking has definitely been an inspiration to us here at Topo, so when we got the chance to work together on a project it felt like a perfect compliment to what we have been doing in the outdoor space.

Jedd Rose, President, Topo Designs

Topo Designs Edition Woolly Bear

Includes Custom Topo Designs Packs

Mountain Pack


Pack Bag


Mountain Gear Bag



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