Habitat at Home - an Adventuring Alternative

By TAXA Adventure Specialists \

Habitat at Home - an Adventuring Alternative

Extraordinary times do not always call for extraordinary measures. Amidst the challenge of the COVID-19 Pandemic, there is opportunity to embrace the situation. To simplify and reflect. Like many adventuring enthusiasts, we had many plans change due to current events. Instead of canceling them outright, we chose to adapt. Our TAXA Habitat, the TigerMoth, is a perfect balance of size and function. We decided to bring it to our backyard until it is safe to venture out with it into the wild. Whether it be daily story time, morning caffeination, meditation and reflection by the lake or camping out under the springtime stars…the possibilities are endless.

We hope you all are healthy, safe and finding ways to adapt your adventuring plans until we can all gather again.

Out Is In! Learning about nature in our TigerMoth. Even Ruby the Redbone wants in!
Reading materials
Learning with Mommy
Out is in! Watching our Daughter play from inside our TigerMoth Habitat
Ruby The Redbone always in on the fun.
Always Cheesin!
Never miss an opportunity to pet a dog, or use your available resources to enjoy your surroundings