For this TAXA Ambassador and his two kids, it’s all about the freedom to roam.

By TAXA Habitat Specialists \

For this TAXA Ambassador and his two kids, it’s all about the freedom to roam.

TAXA Ambassador, Adam Chapin (@adamchapinphotography), recounts his adventures with his sons and his Cricket:

“I can sum up why we own a TAXA in a single word: Freedom. With a full tank of water and a little sun for the solar panels we can camp anywhere we want at any time and still keep some creature comforts. There is a big difference between climbing out of your tent versus out of your camper. That’s freedom for me and my boys (now 8 and 10).”

“Our treks are all about time devoted to connecting with my boys and nature, and disconnection from day-to-day life and electronics, sharing the joys of travel and adventure with my kids. Sure, the shower is great. The design is beautiful. I love how it gets other campers chirping and coming to say hi and wanting to check out that “really cool camper ya got there.” And, I don’t need a truck to tow it. My Outback is plenty. We can brush our teeth, wash our dishes and hide out comfortably through nasty weather (we’ve been through the southern summer heat, intense thunderstorms and hail, a couple of solidly freezing nights). But it’s less about the features (which are albeit nice) and more about the feeling of being able to share the open road, my love of the greater outdoors and introduce/experience other parts/people of the country with my kids. My Cricket is part of my Peter Pan soul that craves adventure and I’m grateful to pass that spirit along to my kids.”

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