An Off Grid RV That Turns Traveling Into Adventuring

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An Off Grid RV That Turns Traveling Into Adventuring

Recreational vehicles (RVs) have quickly gained recognition in recent years as must-haves for camping or traveling. Early RVs were notoriously cramped, poorly ventilated, and were not very popular for driving. Only when the off grid RV first hit the market was the true potential of these vehicles realized. Since then, RVs have taken off and now occupy their own niche among outdoor enthusiasts.

The Off grid RV is designed to run completely off the grid and are fueled by banks of solar-powered batteries, perfect for those who want to get away from it all. Their low carbon footprint vehicles also help attract the younger generation of customers who do not want to impact the environment in the quest for either travel or adventure.

Some of the latest models have further helped a vehicle segment creep out of design doldrums, opening new vistas in many niches.

Off Grid RV from TAXA Outdoors

Living in an off grid RV

In an uber-connected world, there are many who wish to live off the grid and simplify life. Accordingly, they choose RVs primarily because these vehicles are designed to fulfill the promise of this alternative lifestyle, living in the wilderness unabated, unbridled and free. With four wheels and shelter from the elements, off grid RVs provide utilitarian freedom, though at varying quality and comfort levels.

Off Grid RV for camping and travel

TAXA Outdoors: Human Habitats designed for freedom

Habitats,” (our take on the off grid RV) include four models:

Some issues that deter people from buying an off grid RV are lack of space for cooking and bathing, supplies cabinets, running water and even ordinary privacy concerns like window covers.

Our habitats address these issues with convenient built-in features and flexible options for adventuring. For instance, The Woolly Bear is built like a basecamp, with 15-inch wheels, a kitchen organizer made of Birch Plywood, rooftop tents, enough room for several adults to sleep inside. Above all, it comes with plenty of storage. Even stowing away a bicycle is also not a headache.

Why is a TAXA Outdoors Habitat the Better Off Grid RV?

More often than not, consumers choose TAXA habitats over competitors because of NASA grade design and quality materials. TAXA Outdoors’ models are frequently rated a notch above others because of superior aesthetics, which combine functionality with innovative add-ons.

Designing a better off grid RV

The future of the Off Grid RV

At the moment, the world is more aware than ever before of the threats of global warming and climate change. The search for green living, one without any significant carbon footprint, is on. Utilizing an off grid RV is one way to address these dangers. The potential is high. But initial investment to make a big life change can be a hindrance.

That’s why TAXA Outdoors is committed to creating mobile habitats that retain their value and stand up to the challenges of an outdoors lifestyle. As we continue to innovate and develop more off grid RV alternatives, we hope to help more people than ever connect with the natural world.

Making Traveling an Adventure

Traveling can turn into adventuring with the right off grid RV. An off-road destination poses the fun and mystery that adventures are made of. Above all, TAXA Outdoors believes, designs, and builds from the idea that life is meant to be an adventure.