Things to Remember Before You Go


  • Turn off all switches at kitchen switch panel or on ceiling.
  • Turn off and close all appliances, if not in use. You may keep the refrigerator on while driving.
  • Be sure your cargo berths are secured, and close and latch all windows
  • Be sure roof top is closed and latched properly at all three locations from inside and outside.
  • Be sure tent fabric is secured but not pinched.
  • Be sure shoreline power cord, 7-pin connector and hoses are secured (and properly attached, if applicable).
  • Close and lock both doors.
  • Be sure the stabilizer jacks and door step ladder are fully raised and secured.


  • Check tire pressure and the tires generally for any punctures, cuts, and other problems.
  • Be sure wheel lug nuts are tight and secure.
  • Check that all tow vehicle and trailer lights and brakes are working in synchronization.
  • Check brakes with multiple applications in an empty parking lot.
  • Confirm brake controller, if any, is operating properly.
  • Be sure hitch assembly is secure, and that safety chains and breakaway switch have been properly attached.
  • Check underneath trailer for any damage or displacement.
  • Emptying water tanks prior to travel will decrease tow weight and improve fuel efficiency of your tow vehicle.