How do I set up and stabilize my trailer?

With time and experience, you will get better at spotting and identifying good camping sites.  Although they will vary to some degree, all good sites will (a) be level and (b) have a firm, not soft, ground that will support the weight of jacks and/or other support devices.   There are also many public camping sites that provide electrical and other useful hook-ups or services.  Once you have chosen your site, we suggest that you refer to the following important tips for your set-up:

  1. Before uncoupling, level the unit from side to side if desired with wood or plastic leveling blocks.  Place the blocks on the ground forward of the wheels and tow the unit onto the blocks.  Use wheel chocks to be sure the unit cannot roll;
  2. Lower the jack onto blocks or pad, if necessary;
  3. Use your provided trailer level to ensure trailer is level;
  4. Once the unit is level, use wheel chocks or blocks to prevent the trailer from moving;
  5. Uncouple the trailer from the tow vehicle, unplug 7 pin connector from vehicle; and
  6. Lower the stabilizing jacks until they firmly engage.  Be sure all jacks have about the same pressure on them.

Note: Before resuming travel, be sure that the stabilizer jacks are fully retracted/raised and that the trailer has been fully closed.