Keeping Great Air Quality

To maintain good air quality, be attentive to proper ventilation of your trailer, keep it clean, and prevent and avoid unnecessary air pollutants.  Common indoor air pollution sources include molds, pollen, pet fur dander, secondhand smoke, carbon monoxide from burning propane and other fuels, and household cleaners.

Travel trailers are much smaller than homes.  Thus, the exchange of air inside a travel trailer is significantly less than a home.  Proper ventilation is an ongoing process, occurring before, during and after use, and at times when the temperatures and humidity are elevated.  Decreasing the flow of air by sealing the travel trailer may increase the presence and/or concentration of indoor air pollutants, such as but not limited to, molds and household chemicals.  Improve ventilation by opening windows, using fans and opening vents, running the air conditioner, or some combination thereof.  We also recommend that you do not smoke or use any type of bug or other chemical spray inside your trailer.