Preparedness. Nutrition & essential gear for your adventure.

Nutrition for 2.5 days and 2 Nights
Wild Refigeration
Everything has its place. Soft Sided cooler for beverages, hard sided for nutrition
Sanctuary procured! Campsite 007D Alcona Pond.
Bushcraft blade and assorted Tupperwares for storage
Dual burner stove and Silicone serving utensils in BRIGHT colors (So the don’t easily get lost in the wild)
Grill basket. This allows you to cook over the campfire simultaneously as you use your stove. Encourages participation from the whole group!
Adult beverage of choice.
Collapse-able Kitchen Sink. Simply fill with any water and add campsuds.
Scrubber and Scraper
Kitchen Sink Hangs on any attachment point of your Habitat.
Rinse Kit for hygiene. Simple, small and pressurized.
Serve it up and ENJOY!