An Overland Camping Trailer Means World of Possibility

An Overland Camping Trailer Means World of Possibility

When discussing adventure vehicle options, the overland camping trailer might be the fastest growing in popularity. These are some of the most exciting additions to the world of camping trailers. Sometimes just referred to as off-road trailers, overland trailers encompass any trailer equipped to drive over remote locales all for the sake of self-guided exploration, or overlanding.

What is Overlanding?

Overlanding describes self-guided adventuring. This often involves treks to remote destinations. However, the journey itself is the primary goal. Overlanding typically involves off-road transportation and demands frequent overnight camping. These adventures typically last for longer periods of time, sometimes months or even years, and can even span international boundaries. While expeditions typically have a set goal in mind, overlanding views exploration itself as the reason for leaving the comforts of home.

Cricket Overland Camping Trailer from TAXA Outdoors

Overlanding celebrates the journey, rather than the distance traveled. The goal is to see and learn about our world, whether on a weekend trip 100 miles from home or a 10,000-mile expedition across another continent. The equipment does not matter – they are tools. History, wildlife, culture, scenery, self-sufficiency – these are the rewards of overlanding.

Types of Overland Camping Trailers


These are generally more compact and hard-sided living spaces. Engineers design rest areas inside the vehicle itself while building slide-out or pop-up areas for the kitchen or other necessary amenities.


These are small trailers designed to expand with slide-out or pop up features for nearly all living spaces including rest areas. These living spaces can pop up vertically or horizontally from the trailer.

Tear Drop

The original designers of teardrop trailers did not intend for the vehicles to participate in overlanding. However, a growing movement of enthusiasts has redesigned or modified classic vehicles for off-road journeys. These vehicles have the same lightweight, rounded bodies as the classics but now showcase rugged tires, sturdier materials, and more robust suspensions. All storage and living space is inside the trailer itself. Most models place the kitchen in the rear, accessible by a fold-out door.

Military/Utility (M416/M101)

Retired military trailers are naturally engineered to withstand conditions of many kinds. Combat demands versatility and durability, making these ideal choices for overland vehicles. Typically, these trailers build out vertically, utilizing the trailer itself as a storage compartment and then assembling a living space on top.

overland camping trailers specs from TAXA Outdoors

Overland Camping Trailer Features

An overland camping trailer has a few notable difference from a typical pull-behind trailer. An overland trailer has several recovery points, making the vehicle easier to retrieve should it get stuck somewhere along the line. The ground clearance is also higher than a normal trailer. This makes for a lower impact on uneven ground. Manufacturers construct the frame and body of overland trailers with durable, lightweight materials. Suspensions are more flexible. Also, tires are all-terrain, made from a thick durable material that is not easily punctured.

Introducing Cricket Overland…

While many TAXA vehicles are equipped with off-road capabilities, TAXA offers a special Overland Edition package on our classic Cricket habitat. With increased ground clearance and a reinforced frame, we’ve created a rougher, stronger vehicle for you to travel further down a dirt road or wherever your adventure takes you. Learn more about Cricket Overland here.