Introducing the Kammok Edition Woolly Bear

Welcome, Trailblazers!

TAXA and Kammok have a shared belief that restoration is best sought outdoors, beyond the daily noise. We believe in your adventurous spirit, and we want to help you take the next step to find renewal outside. Whether you’re looking to disconnect deep in the back country or at a Saturday afternoon tailgate, let the Kammok Edition Woolly Bear be your go-anywhere basecamp. Everything you need with no added fluff.

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Equipped for Adventure

This is more than just your average gear hauler. Features include a full-size outdoor kitchen, storage systems, pull-out cooler drawer, and an elevated platform that accommodates most 2- to 3-person tents. It’s packed full of as much innovation as it is trail-ready gear.

Introducing the Kammok Outpost

Wherever you take your Kammok Edition Woolly Bear, the Outpost Hammock Stand allows you to deploy any hammock in Kammok’s assortment, including the Mantis All-In-One Hammock Tent—no trees required. The Outpost attaches to any of the Woolly Bear’s numerous attachment points and adjusts for any terrain. From tailgate lounging to overnight camping, the Outpost Hammock Stand is here to elevate your time outside.

Two Companies, One Mission:

Both Kammok and TAXA Outdoors were founded with this mission in mind: Create high-quality, easy-to-use products that allow more people to spend time outdoors.

From our trailblazing founders:

TAXA exists to get people outside. We try to make products that help break down the barriers to people getting outside.

Garrett Finney, Founder, CEO, Chief Design Officer, TAXA Outdoors

Our goal is to help people flourish by spending time outside.

Greg McEvilly, Founder and CEO, Kammok

Kammok Edition Woolly Bear

Preloaded with Outdoor Essentials

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Outpost Hammock Stand

Woolly Bear Accessory


All-in-one Hammock Tent

Roo Double

Camping Hammock

Ride in Wonder Tee

Organic Cotton Tee

Limited Edition Field Blanket

Microfleece Blanket

All orders will have a special patch commemorating the collaboration, but only the first 20 orders will receive a one-a-kind numbered edition on the trailer and Field Blanket.

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