GSI Outdoors x TAXA Outdoors Camping Giveaway


TAXA Outdoors has teamed up with GSI Outdoors to bring you a camping giveaway to get you equipped for your next camping adventure!

Win a GSI Outdoors camp stove, set of Escape pots, plus a $100 credit to the TAXA Outdoors gear shop. Enter with your email below through September 20, 2020.


  • TAXA Outdoors: $100 Credit to the TAXA Gear Shop
  • GSI Outdoors: 540 Selkirk Camp Stove, Escape Collapsible Pot Set (2L + 3L Escape Pot), and 2 TAXA Branded Microlite 1000 Water Bottles

*NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Sweepstakes submission period begins 9/14/2020 and ends 9/20/2020 at 11:59:59 pm PST. By entering this giveaway, you agree to be contacted by email from all participating brands for this giveaway or future promotions. In the case where you are the winner, you will be contacted for your mailing address so that participating brands can send you your prize. See full terms and conditions here.

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  1. Love my Mantis, looking forward to adding additional fun things from GSI, already enjoying my new perc coffee pot. Two great outdoor brands!

  2. Purchasing our Mantis this month and can’t wait! Looking forward to all the adventures and exploring near gear like GSI Outdoors!

  3. Can’t wait for my tiger moth dream to come true one of these days ….. thanks for the opportunity to win some cool stuff!

  4. Want to teach my daughters about camping and going on adventures. Stoked to add to the limited equipment I have and look forward to the opportunity to win some gear!

  5. We love GSI products and recently discovered TAXA. I m so glad to see another awesome choice for a camping trailer. Cant wait to learn more about them!

  6. Had a great trip hiking and biking (socially distanced) around the Dakotas, Wyoming and Colorado. Our 2018 Mantis was awesome for our family of four. Can’t wait for the next trip.

  7. Great function products from both groups. Just got back from 5 days on the WY miracle mile in my Cricket. Perfect habitat no matter the destination

  8. It is my dream to own a TAXA habitat so that I can travel the country to teach youth and adults alike about health, wellness, environmentality, and simple living. *fingers crossed*

  9. Hoping to win for my son and his new bride. He is in basic training now. They love camping. They have no equipment and used to use her parents stuff.

  10. I love the outdoor focused style of all the taxa trailers. I think to many people have forgotten what going into the outdoors and camping is all about, taxa owners know its all about the enjoyable outdoors exprience.

  11. We really like the TAXA products we’ve but the availability where we live (Ontario in Canada) seems to be non-existent. We’re hoping that the availability in Canada will be expanded to include Eastern Canada.

  12. Love The Kaibab Squirrel! We sleep in our Cricket in the driveway lots of weekends. Kind of like a mini vacation without the drive.

  13. I just got introduced to TAXA. I have a VW Touareg which is my vehicle that will be partnered with TAXA products to start exploring new adventures. I can’t wait to start…. extremely excited!

  14. We also love both products. We have been camping like crazy in our Mantis. Plenty of room for our family of 4.

  15. Rhanks for the opportunity. Looking forward to traveling to DFW to look at Taxa units in person. Taxa is on our short list for our spring purchase. Living in Lubbock has its viewing challenges.

  16. Looking forward to purchasing a Cricket and taking it exploring. Would love to add the giveaway to make the experience even better!

  17. Love taxa and GSI gear, we have been saving for a taxa mantis but with now getting married, COVID and the fires raging all over the Bay Area camping has been limited. Regardless I think it still import to do/ find something to do and taxa offers that. If not in the woods taxa offers a great trip safe habitat to go see all the sites!! Can’t wait for our mantis!

  18. Amazing giveaway! Quality products! I can’t wait get my own Taxa! GSI has always been a top brand I look for for my outdoor gear! Thanks!

    *fingers crossed*

  19. My in laws bought a cricket this summer and stayed with us for a couple of weeks. They are super happy with it and my husband and I hope to purchase one in the next couple of years.

  20. We recently put a down payment on a TigerMoth. So excited!
    We love Taxa and glad they’re a hometown company. Space city rocks!

  21. I have been following taxa outdoors and GSI Outdoors I am in awe with their products and standard of excellence. This giveaway would be a great way to add that excellence to my families getaways. Thank you guys for offering this!

  22. Love how capable our TigerMoth is in the backcountry! Would love to compliment our set up with some great GSI gear too!

  23. I have always loved the Cricket. I had a chance to buy one back in 2012 but just couldn’t make it happen. I wish they still came in blue with orange tent fabric…!


  25. I am so excited about this opportunity and would love to bring TAXA and GSI with me on my upcoming coastal bike-packing trip!

  26. Fantastic camper. It will go anywhere and keep you feeling snug and safe at home. Because home is now anywhere you want it to be.

  27. Newly researching Taxa. Awesome stuff.
    Makes me wish even more that I could find an early exit from teaching to live the dream.

  28. My family and I have loved getting away to nearby campsites in our TAXA Tiger Moth this summer.
    Every trip was a tiny little escape from the pandemic.