Peg and Awl x TAXA Outdoors

Peg and Awl and TAXA Outdoors have merged together to celebrate the beauty of the journey with a classic handcrafted notebook the Harper Journal.  

“The best way to find something is not to go looking for it.” – Robin Wall Kimmerer 

We, at TAXA, fell in love with Peg and Awl immediately. Their love of making and exploring is so clear and so in tune with how we think. We come at this making and exploring from different places but we meet at the soul of things (and people)!

“As a design focused outdoor company we strive to embrace the joys of adventure without compromise to classic materials, practices and experiences.  Peg and Awl’s handmade Harper Journal is the perfect complement to any adventurers journey on the road with their habitat.” – Garrett Finney, CEO + Chief Design Officer, TAXA Outdoors

“As a family and as small business owners, we find joy in following our curiosities along meandering paths. Last summer’s meandering led us to Mantis which accompanied our family on new adventures! When Taxa reached out to collaborate on a journal project, we were delighted—insects, journals, and exploration—such a magical combination!” –  Margaux Kent, Co-Founder Peg and Awl

This giveaway has ended.

TAXA Outdoors has teamed up with Peg and Awl to bring adventurers everywhere a classic journal, waiting to be filled with stories from the road. Win a Peg and Awl x TAXA Outdoors Harper Journal! Enter with your email below through April 4, 2021.


  • Peg and Awl x TAXA Outdoors Harper Journal

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  1. After being cooped up for so long, we are ready to get exploring. My wife, who’s a Teacher and I work in the technology dept of a school district have been working without a break since this whole thing started. It’s REALLY time to get outside. Lol

    1. Currently repurposing an old wooden horse trailer into a coffee van and miniatures gallery here in Oz. This beautiful journal could be available for fellow travellers, makers, cup bearers to leave their mark(s). Beautiful 🤎

  2. This is awesome! We just got our TM and I was looking for a journal to keep in there for our family camping adventures!

  3. I would love the opportunity, I have a young family and into the overland community I would love to be able to show the boys how to really document adventure and keep story’s alive.

  4. Loving our 2016 cricket, traveling all over the west and TAXA rallies. The new journal will be a lot better than my old composition book.

  5. These are the coolest! It’s my dream to adopt a travelling companion dog and a Taxa to travel the USA. As a writer and photographer, winning a Taxa could be a game changer! Fingers crossed!

  6. We love our 2018 Taxa Mantis! I believe this was the first year it was made (I wish we could find out which unit off the assembly line it was). Took the Mantis from Long Island to the Dakotas, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado last summer with 4 fat tire bikes. It would be great to have the journal for our next trip.