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    what products have people used?
    ClimateRight? Any “easy in and out” window unit for the side window? Others?

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    Not sure where you’re from but in eastern PA, the place we bought our Tigermoth installs the “Climate Right” ACs. Here’s their link. Nice family owned place. Hope this helps.

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    Alan Caywood

    I installed a climaterite 5000 btu unit. My only complaint is that the storage area on the tongue of the trailer is too small to hold the unit. If the window unit was an option when I bought my camper I probably would have gone for that instead.

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    Hello! Thanks for posting.

    I have lots of AC thoughts. Many of them concern wishing that those available in Europe (small, floor mounted, efficient) were available here.

    The Climate Rite is great for some people, not for others. Its controls remain outside, it is heavy to lug around depending on one’s aptitude for lugging. It is not a great color.

    Our front step is getting wider to better accommodate coolers and things such as the Climate Rite. That does help those of you out there right now of course. However, it is possible to remount the toolbox farther forwards. The mounting needs to be a little assymetric to preserve access to the keyhole. This does not reduce turning radius as the assymetry ends up matching the projection of the spare tire on the other side.

    We have tested Climate Rites in our Cricket and TM. In Houston’s high heat high humidty world they do not work very well. They cool a bit but not enough. We install a window unit in the TM side window. It works great but is a bit of a carbuncle. RV specific units are huge and eat up roof cargo space which we regard as too valuable to give up.

    We used to assume that the window unit would be installed only for the month or so that folks would need it. In other months the customer would remove it and have the window available. In earlier surveys of our customers we found that no one actually removed it and so we stopped supply the window parts.

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