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    Since there was no postings under this topic I figured I’d “break the ice” and post some of what I bring along on our “Moth” adventures:

    -2016 Tigermoth in green (obviously)

    -Eno hammocks: We usually mount one end to the external frame of the Moth

    -“sail” awning for the galley: I contacted a sail manufacturer and had them make an awning for over the kitchen galley area. It’s as wide as the moth and it extends 10 feet out. The other end is held up with Tent poles I got from Amazon.

    -Bose Soundlink Speaker: Water resistant, great sound.

    – Nemo Foot pump shower: If left out in the sun, it warms up nicely after a surf session

    – Random Amazon Prime purchased “pop up” changing tent to shower in

    – My “garbage vortex” backpack: Made by Trash Messenger Bags. Great company and they will build just about anything you can fathom. Back is 0 waterproof. I’ve dropped it off boats, been in downpours and everything has been bone dry

    – Macbook Pro: Even when “away from it all”, sometimes stuff needs to get done. In fact being “away from it all” let’s me get stuff done even better.

    – Ceramic heater: Great for winter camping but need to be on shore power

    – 1000W Inverter

    That’s a quick over view, curious as to what everyone else brings along. Also interested in MOds/hacks if anyone cares to post those under mods.

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    Anytime we’re out and about our go to items are:

    Rumpl/Nemo puffy blankets. They’ve replaced out sleeping bags for everything except true backpacking.

    Alu-Box 60L w/Goose Gear lid. It’s the best lightweight, lockable, fits underneath the bed storage/step/tool bench/table I’ve ever owned.

    Fans. Depending on the weather a USB/rechargeable, a 12 v Fantastic Fan, and/or a Ryobi cordless fan I can recharge in the car while driving.

    Oh and a Nalgene or two with a carabiner of course.

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    Dan Carr

    Which inverter are you using in your TigerMoth? Just got mine and had trouble with the first inverter I got.

    Do you have it wired direct to the battery, or are you running it from the 12v outlet?

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      Sorry for such a late reply…we wired our directly to battery…heres what we used:

      Sine wave inverter

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    Geoff Kraemer

    +1 on the puffy blanket – We just used a RUMPL blanket, i love it already. Used it by the campfire, dirt and rocks and debris just brushes right off.

    Speaking of fire, we bought a camp chef firepit. It works great, puts out nice heat for 2 people and best of all can be used in facilities where ground fires are not allowed. And no smoke smell in your clothes.

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