Holly Y.


San Antonio, TX



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Tell us a little about yourself and why you own a TAXA?

I discovered TAXA when researching travel trailers for my family. I drive a Jeep Wrangler, built to go anywhere, and I wanted a travel trailer that could do the same! I needed to be able to sleep four people comfortably — bonus points for air conditioning. The TigerMoth habitat fit the bill!

Where is your favorite place to take your TAXA? 

It's hard to choose just one, but I love to visit Big Bend National Park and the surrounding area. The Big Bend Region is truly the last of the Texan wilderness, and such a special place.

Who do you explore with?

I tend to go solo when I can. It's a great way for me to test my limits and recharge my introverted self. That being said, I do love to travel with my family and make amazing memories with my kids. After all, that's what this is all about!

What are your favorite outdoor activities?

Anything and everything! I have been doing a lot of mountain biking lately, but I also love to trail run and hike. I like to hunt white tail deer near my hometown when hunting season rolls around, too!

Do you have any hacks or mods that you've done to your habitat to enhance your travels?

One thing I love about the TigerMoth is that it's ready to go. No need for any hacks or mods, but I know people love to customize and personalize and make things their own! I recently delved into integrating a solar array into my system to power a 12v fridge. I can now say I know how to splice wiring!

Tell us your favorite unique habitat story.

My favorite thing about my habitat is that it's so unique... a conversation starter. Anywhere I travel to, I have people stopping me to ask about it. I am so proud to say it's designed and built right here in Texas!

What's one place you'd love to explore?

Just one?! It's on my list to one day travel from Texas down to Baja, Mexico.

I can't leave home without my...

iPhone! I love to share my adventures and being able to record my experience is very important to me. I'm also a gear nerd, so I pretty much can't leave home without taking everything!