Carissa N.


Beverly, MA



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Tell us a little about yourself and why you own a TAXA?

My husband and I live in Massachusetts where we are high school dorm parents and teachers. I teach outdoor leadership, math, and technology. We love going on adventures and spending our weekends and summers outside snowboarding, surfing, hiking, exploring, and enjoying everything under the sun. We bought our Tigermoth when our wedding was postponed a year due to covid and we have been adventuring in it since including a cross country road trip and countless nights in the mountains and beaches of New Hampshire, Maine & Vermont.

Where is your favorite place to take your TAXA? 

My overall favorite place I've been is Arches National Park but nights up in the White Mountains of New Hampshire are always great!

Who do you explore with?

I typically explore with my husband, Derrick.

What are your favorite outdoor activities?

Snowboarding, Hiking, Surfing, Mountain Biking

Do you have any hacks or mods that you've done to your habitat to enhance your travels?

We've added a Propex propane heater to our Tigetmoth so we can now adventure 4 seasons a year, here in New England.

Tell us your favorite unique habitat story.

Over our winter break, Derrick and I set out to drive from Massachusetts to Nevada and back. We spent the two weeks, exploring, visiting with friends, and sleeping in our tiger moth every night. Some highlights included stopping in Colorado Spring, Arches National Park, Las Vegas, and Breckenridge.

What's one place you'd love to explore?

I would love to return to the west and explore more of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and the Pacific Northwest.

I can't leave home without my...

Snacks! Nothing is worse than being hangry!


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