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Inspiring the journey into the outdoors, because we believe our natural state is to be out in it.

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TAXA Explorers navigate the frontier that surrounds us all, the great outdoors. Sharing stories of adventuring and habitat experiences to encourage all of us to seek new experiences, travel uncharted paths, and find ourselves in nature's hidden corners. 

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In a season full of change, shifting expectations, and often too many leftovers, it's more important than ever to disconnect and get outside. Today and all weekend, we're planning to #optoutside as a way to benefit our physical and mental health so we can show up for those in our lives. We hope you're able to sneak away and get some Vitamin N(ature) for yourself. #taxaoutdoors #outisin ...

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Today and every day here at TAXA, we're endlessly thankful for fresh air, wide open spaces to roam, and this amazing community of explorers.⁠⠀
📷 @dylan.h.brown #taxaoutdoors #outisin⁠

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"Camping with my Dad was the best. He slept 'downstairs' and I slept in the tent without the rainfly for the first time. The weather was perfect. I rolled back the screens and hunted constellations til I fell asleep."⁠

Father-daughter outing near @bigbendnps, courtesy of @texasadventureher #taxaoutdoors #taxatigermoth

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Are you the type to get up for sunrise ☀️ or stay in bed 🛏️? In Mantis, you can be both. 📷 @dustthenation #taxaoutdoors #taxapets⁠ ...

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Looking forward to next weekend when Woolly Bear's insides will be filled with all the Thanksgiving leftovers.⁠

📷 @jimmy2conclusions #taxaoutdoors #taxawoollybear

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This year, the holidays will be very different for most families. While many people won’t be able to be with their loved ones, we want to reward a deserving Houston-area person or family with a free habitat rental to safely get out and enjoy the healing powers of the outdoors. If you have someone in mind that could benefit from some time away this year, we encourage you to nominate them via the link in our bio! #taxaoutdoors ...

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We hear outdoor dining is all the rage this year, and luckily Mantis is already set with a design that allows for a seamless blend of indoor/outdoor living. Because, haven't you heard? #outisin⁠

📷 Robyn Duffy #taxaoutdoors #taxamantis

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Who's your favorite TAXA habitat owner to follow?⁠⠀
Tag them below to let them know that we're on the lookout for our 2021 #TAXAExplorer team! TAXA Explorers are our elevated brand ambassadors that utilize their habitat to live, eat, breathe, and sleep the outdoors. Throughout the year, we share stories and photos from their epic trips in exchange for some sweet gifts that help fuel future adventures. Applications close next week so head to the link in our bio to apply. 📷 @dylan.h.brown #taxaoutdoors⁠

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All great ideas start with a blank canvas. Imagine the possibilities for you and your favorite camping companions. #taxaoutdoors #taxamantis ⁠ ...

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We believe that when you roll out of your driveway, every road can lead to adventure. Close to home. Far away. Find your out. ⁠

📷 @matterson.family.adventures #taxaoutdoors #outisin⁠

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A prime example of PNW forest bathing. Virtual smells and campsite envy courtesy of @thenoplanclan. #outisin #taxaoutdoors ...

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Chasing that fleeting fall foliage is one of Cricket's favorite activities. Where is your favorite area to see the leaves change every year?⁠⠀
📷 @bandit_and_the_cricket #taxaoutdoors #outisin⁠

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Our habitats make it easy to get up and go out whenever you want, but have you ever toyed with the idea of living and working from the road permanently? ⁠⠀
Now on the blog, TAXA Explorers Ally & Alex Hardgrave share their experiences and applicable tips from a recent stint in 2021 Mantis. Head to our Instagram Story to get a feel for that #workfromhabitat lifestyle.

📸 @scoutd.co & @_alexhardgrave #taxaexplorer #taxaoutdooors⁠

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Gaining an hour has its perks. An earlier sunset means being that much closer to a full sky for stargazing.⁠

📷 #TAXAExplorer @dylan.h.brown #taxaoutdoors #outisin

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