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TAXA Explorers navigate the frontier that surrounds us all, the great outdoors. Sharing stories of adventuring and habitat experiences to encourage all of us to seek new experiences, travel uncharted paths, and find ourselves in nature's hidden corners. 

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It's World Wildlife Day! A day to celebrate our planet's most interesting and necessary creatures. From the mighty buffalo we find at some of our favorite National Parks, all the way to the itty bitty insects that inspired our habitat names. We're itching to hit the road again this season and see what we find. ⁠

📷 @runningandadventuring #taxacricket #outisin

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What does a day in the life of Woolly Bear look like? Sometimes it looks like napping in the driveway, but on the weekends it looks like basking in the sun, hanging with its favorite people, and starting up at the stars.⁠

#TAXAExplorer Monica brings us along for an overnight in @wanderlustwoollybear, accompanied by her husband and pups. Head to our Stories today to follow along. #taxawoollybear #taxaoutdoors

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Today is the 101st birthday of @grandcanyonnps! Winter, spring, summer or fall, this big hole is a majestic beaut any time of the year.⁠⁠
Let's celebrate! Drop your favorite Grand Canyon spot or memory below 👇⁠⁠
🎥 courtesy of @alepoutre from Kaibab National Forest (please note: drone use is not permitted within National Park boundaries)⁠⁠

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Only a few more months until it's full on camping season and we welcome back those mid-afternoon naps, sandwiched between mornings romping around in the woods and dinner and beers around the campfire. Until then, no judgment here if you want to "practice" in the driveway. #taxaoutdoors #taxamantis ...

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@roy326 and his family bringing a whole new meaning to the term "field trip." ⁠

While #virtuallearning has no doubt had its challenges, it's also offered opportunities to switch up the idea of what a classroom can be. Parents: how have you taken advantage? #schoolfromhabitat #outisin

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"We've been trying our hand at dry camping this trip and I'm absolutely loving it. While we aren't in a position to do it full time... we've booked most of our weekends at sites that are hookup-less. It's a new challenge and allows us to disconnect both literally and figuratively." 📷 @_alexhardgrave & @scoutd.co⁠⁠
Tips or advice for dry camping? Drop them below 👇

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Who needs the lodge when Cricket serves as your own personal heated lounge and cocktail bar? 🍻⁠

Thanks for sharing your epic ski day, @danogramm! #outisin #taxaoutdoors

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Last week we launched 2021 Woolly Bear, our go-anywhere basecamp now upgraded for 2021. Since pictures don't ever seem to do justice, head to our Story for a full walkthrough of our mightiest little habitat. #taxaoutdoors #taxawoollybear ...

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