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Inspiring the journey into the outdoors, because we believe our natural state is to be out in it.

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TAXA Explorers navigate the frontier that surrounds us all, the great outdoors. Sharing stories of adventuring and habitat experiences to encourage all of us to seek new experiences, travel uncharted paths, and find ourselves in nature's hidden corners. 

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Have a photo of your habitat? Share it by posting to instagram using hashtag #OutIsIn.


Join us in celebrating #GivingTuesday by supporting incredible organizations doing great things! 💝

TAXA’s vision is to transform the way we live, learn and play outside, and that includes activating our vision throughout our communities in any way we can. Check out a few of the incredible organizations we support!

🔹 @bbbshouston
🔹 @blackoutside_inc
🔹 @nolsedu

Head to the link in our bio to donate to these awesome orgs today!

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We've extended our Black Friday Special for one day only!
Take advantage of the lowered deposit and reserve a habitat for you and your family for only $500. 🏕️

#OutIsIn #TAXAOutdoors #HomeIsWhereYouParkIt

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All you need for your cross country road trip, wrapped into one adventure-ready #TAXATigerMoth

#OutIsIn #TAXAOutdoors

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We believe our natural state is to be in the outdoors, and we love connecting with great members of the community that feel the same!
👋Meet Jahmicah Dawes, owner of Slim Pickens Outfitters, the first black-owned outdoor shop in the nation. Not only do they have a big selection, but they also have a big heart that supports activating their community to bring the outdoors to everyone.

If you've got outdoor gear on your list this holiday season, support @spoutfitter! 🛍️

#SmallBusinessSaturday #OutIsIn #TAXAOutdoors #AdventureOut

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🏴Our Black Friday Special starts NOW!
Only $500 to place a deposit on the #TAXAHabitat of your dreams. Head to our link in bio to learn more. ➡️

#TAXAOutdoors #OutIsIn

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🗺️TAXA Explorers navigate the frontier that surrounds us all, the great outdoors. As an Explorer, you will have the opportunity to share your habitat experiences, to encourage all of us to seek new experiences, travel uncharted paths, and find ourselves in nature's hidden corners.

Interested in becoming an Explorer? Hit the link in our bio to apply. But hurry! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️Applications for the Explorer program close 12.03.21!

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A loaded #TAXAWoollyBear in its natural state:
☑️Camp Stove
☑️Good Friends
What are we missing?
#OutIsIn #TAXAOutdoors #TAXAhabitat

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Securing your habitat has never been easier! You can reserve a production slot right from your phone. 📱 Head to TAXAOutdoors.com and follow these three easy steps:

1️⃣ BUILD YOUR HABITAT: Choose features for one of our 7 base models, or use our habitat quiz to find out which model is your best fit.

2️⃣ PLACE REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT: Pay a $2,000 refundable deposit to reserve your production slot, or set up monthly financing.

3️⃣ CONNECT WITH A DEALER: We’ll find a dealer near you with your model and optional features to finish servicing your order (allow 6-8 weeks lead time).

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TAXA Outdoors and @kammok have teamed up to offer a special edition Woolly Bear featuring Kammok colors and a big bundle of signature accessories! This built-for-anything utility trailer can seamlessly transition from off-the-grid basecamp to tailgate must-have and is ready for any adventure. 🏕️ Link in bio for more #OutIsIn #TAXAWoollyBear ...

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Have you entered the Ultimate Desert Giveaway yet? 🏜️Don't miss out on your chance to win some awesome gear!

Hit the link in our bio and enter today!


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We’re on a mission to enhance everyone’s outdoor experiences and promote adventure by designing thoughtful mobile habitats and other equipment that facilitate connections with nature. 🌻#OutIsIn #TAXAHabitat #TAXAOutdoors ...

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Lightweight camper designs are generally more environmentally responsible. Sourcing the right materials, as well as looking for opportunities to minimize material usage when possible, is key to achieving a truly light travel camper.

At #TAXAOutdoors we see how durability plays into this idea hand in hand. We not only create lightweight trailers but ones that also last a lifetime. As a result, our #TAXAHabitats can do more adventuring with less environmental impact. 🌿 #OutIsIn

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A #TAXACricket plus some firewood is the perfect recipe for a cozy night of November camping 🔥


#TAXAOutdoors #OutIsIn #HomeIsWhereYouParkIt

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Both Kammok and TAXA Outdoors were founded with this mission in mind: Create high-quality, easy-to-use products that allow more people to spend time outdoors. Our limited edition @kammok #TAXAWoollyBear is pre-loaded with outdoor essentials and no fluff. Head to our link in bio to learn more about what comes in this awesome bundle. 🏕️ #TAXAOutdoors #OutIsIn ...

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At #TAXAOutdoors, our goal is not just to get you out there. It’s to keep the “out there” pristine so we can enjoy it not just today, but for all the generations that will follow.

#OutIsIn #SustainableDesign

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Winter camping offers the same beauty without the crowds ❄️

#TAXAOutdoors #OutIsIn #TAXACricket

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Golden hour takes on a whole new meaning in the fall 🍂

#OutIsIn #TAXACricket #TAXAOudoors

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