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Inspiring the journey into the outdoors, because we believe our natural state is to be out in it.

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TAXA Explorers navigate the frontier that surrounds us all, the great outdoors. Sharing stories of adventuring and habitat experiences to encourage all of us to seek new experiences, travel uncharted paths, and find ourselves in nature's hidden corners. 

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Fall snuck up on us this year but we wouldn't say we're mad. We'll take any chance to sip on apple-spiced drinks and go searching for groves of bright yellow aspens. Anyone else? ⁠⠀
📷 @dustthenation #outisin #taxaoutdoors⁠

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Mondays are hard to get back into the swing of things, but knowing that the outdoors are just a few steps away makes the back-to-school transition that much easier. #schoolfromhabitat #taxaoutdoors⁠ ...

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Storage in Woolly Bear can be customized to your heart's desire. And if the way to your heart is through your stomach, we fully support stocking it with snacks.⁠⠀
📷 @wanderlustwoollybear #outisin #taxaoutdoors⁠

488 11

Rugged. Lightweight. Made for off-the-beaten-path adventures and nights under the stars. And we're not just talking about the new 2021 Cricket. #outisin #taxaoutdoors⁠ ...

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Konnie and Choua of @dustthenation live full time out of their Mantis, exploring various landscapes with their two pups, Korra and Archer.⁠⠀
"We'd easily choose watching this over television anyday. When figuring out which RV was right for us, we fell in love with the numerous windows of the #taxamantis. It makes our cozy home feel bright and airy." ⁠⠀
#outisin #taxapets #taxaoutdoors⁠

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Mantis is our biggest and most robust habitat, built with only the necessary touches to be your home away from home on wheels. #outisin #taxaoutdoors⁠ ...

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The Woolly Bear was born to get its feet wet in the Colorado backcountry. Where's the coolest place you've ever taken your habitat? ⁠⠀
📷 @matterson.family.adventures #outisin #taxaoutdoors⁠

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When your habitat is the classroom, geography might just become their new favorite subject. Get first-hand knowledge of some of the country's most beautiful destinations that you can't experience through a textbook. #schoolfromhabitat #outisin #taxaoutdoors ...

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Our second favorite spot to hang a hammock is inside Mantis - first place belongs to the shady spot between two trees! #outisin #taxaoutdoors ...

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Mantis has room for the whole family - and then some! Convert the bed to a dinette, and drop the bunk into a couch to create comfortable seating for six (plus, a few kids running in and out). #outisin #taxaoutdoors ...

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In a year that brought a LOT of changes (some great, some not so), we're finding a bright side in that working remotely means road trip season is going to extend far past summer! #outisin #taxaoutdoors ...

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What's for dinner, @roarfamilyoverland? Woolly Bear living up to its full basecamp potential. #outisin #taxaoutdoors ...

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Heading outdoors for the long weekend? Remember to #RecreateResponsibly! Link in bio for tips on staying safe, building an inclusive outdoors, and taking care of the places you play! #outisin #taxaoutdoors 📷 @scoutd.co ...

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Fun fact: the American Bison can weigh up to 2,000 pounds! Which, as it turns out, is more than the dry weight of Cricket (coming in at a lean 1,753lbs). #themoreyouknow 🌠 #outisin #taxaoutdoors 📷: @runningandadventuring ...

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Can you spot the habitat? 🌲 Great capture of Mantis hiding amongst the pines by @therecreationalvehicle! #outisin #taxaoutdoors ...

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Camp meals just got an upgrade! 🔥 2021 Mantis: designed to add the comforts of home with adaptable spaces to enhance the happy in all your experiences. #whatsfordinner #outisin #taxaoutdoors ...

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Destination: off-grid. What's a little rugged terrain when you've got a 4x4 and a lightweight go-anywhere basecamp? #TAXAWoollyBear #outisin ⁠
📷 @matterson.family.adventures

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Our NASA-inspired design takes into account the choreography of life in small spaces. Hence the optional berths hanging from Cricket's ceiling to offer up sleeping space for 2 kids (or small adults!). #outisin #taxaoutdoors ...

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Coastal adventuring in Cricket. 🌊 We can almost smell the salty air of Big Sur watching this! #outisin #taxaoutdoors ...

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