Calling all adventurers – TAXA is looking for 2021 Explorers!

What is an Explorer?

At TAXA, Explorers are brand ambassadors, elevated! They are habitat owners interested in inspiring you to live your adventures, by showcasing their own.

TAXA Explorers navigate the frontier that surrounds us all, the great outdoors. They amplify the idea that our natural state is to be out in it. As an Explorer you will have the opportunity to share your habitat experiences, to encourage all of us to seek new experiences, travel uncharted paths, and find ourselves in nature’s hidden corners. We’re giving you a platform to tell the stories of how we live, learn, and play outside. 

As a steward of the TAXA culture, you’ll be helping us celebrate the wonderful community of adventurers, base campers, and families who embody our founding philosophy: OUT IS IN.™ 

Photo by Explorer Ally H.

What’s in it for you?

  • Along with the general TAXA swag, all 2021 Explorers will receive goodies from our partners (like Thule + Kuju)
  • Annual National Parks pass for 2021
  • A $50 gift card (retailers vary) for every month you submit content
  • Plus, social media shoutouts all year long, highlighting your rad adventuring

What do we ask for from you?

  • Monthly blog content (Jan – Dec) for the TAXA community page
  • social media takeovers (including a live tour of your habitat)
  • One to two other assets throughout the year

Think your adventuring is the right fit? Ready to share your stories?


Application deadline: November 20, 2020. Explorers will be notified by December 20, 2020.

Photo by Explorer Ally H.

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  1. Hello I am desperately trying to apply for this. We are literally living and homeschooling out of our taxa mantis at this moment.
    We would love to be a part of it however I cannot get the link to open up for me. Is there anyway you could email it to me? My email is sharona lee [email protected]

    Thank you so much

  2. My wife and I are 100% in for this adventure. We are in Texas and love the outdoors. We are avid cyclists and enjoy spending time exploring new places outside to ride, hike, paddle, whatever. We expect to take delivery of a new Cricket in the near future (hopefully in a couple weeks).

  3. Hey y’all! Reporting in as a super normal family of four. My wife and I have desk jobs downtown (I’m still there, she’s at home). We live in the Heights with our two boys, four chickens and one Golden/Pitbull. We started in a 15 Cricket with our first son, and move to a Mantis in March because our younger son needs more space. We get out to local parks no less than one weekend a month, and take a week trip with family in March, and 2 weeks as a couple in the summer. We sleep in the Mantis, in the driveway nearly every weekend with our Biolite Firepit and hammocks.
    Last year I drove our Cricket, solo, to Vegas to retrieve my wife from a conference and spent 9 days exploring the back lands of Utah. Next year we have trips planned to the rivers of Arkansas and Co for fly fishing, Big Bend for hiking and numerous trips to Brazos and Huntsville for some good outdoor fun. There’s some loose plans to spend the summer between Houston, Glacier Natl and Milwaukee, where our family is. We would love to show the finer points of using a Taxa Habitat in the city, and on road trips. We’re not retired, or working on the road. We’re using your product on weekends and spring break like most American families.

  4. Ambassadors huh? Sounds like a really good time!….and a way to give back.

    Our Cricket has been a very special part of our lives for the last 3 or so years. We purchased “The Mooch” (our tow vehicle is Minnie) in Colorado at first sight and drove directly to Red Rocks to see our favorite band in the pouring rain and plummeting temps. A habitat was born.

    From there we drove home to Ohio. The Mooch provided for all of our weekend adventures. From spontaneous trips to hike Red River gorge, or the emergency shelter needed during a Del-uge at Delfest. It has been there for us.

    When we crossed the country to visit our son in San Francisco, it was the essential home we needed on the road. An ice storm in Colorado and 10 degree temperatures were no match for the adventure seeking habitat, pulled off and safe from the storm with coffee and cocoa. Without the Mooch that Thanksgiving would never have happened. Not would the days after in King’s Canyon and Sequoia. We had the park to ourselves. (It was AWESOME!!!)
    Then a great trip home with a brief stop to see a great bluegrass band in Manitou Springs, Colorado….with Minnie and The Mooch parked right out front.

    The most important thing our Cricket provided for us was a home this year. We became grandparents. We moved. To California. An epic move. National parks and concerts for 3 weeks. And a small 9 pound, blond beauty waiting for us when we landed.

    Then Covid. And shelter in place. What a great place to shelter in. At the base of Mt Shasta or on the beach in Tomales Bay….it’s home… not a habitat. Thank you Taxa. Thank you.

    On almost every trip, and definitely at every music festival a tour of The Mooch was asked for and promptly and proudly given. People love to look. And are always wowed by what they find.

    We’re already ambassadors. You just don’t know it yet.

    Thank you….so very much

    Matt Garton,
    Melissa Mercurio,
    and our dog, The Reverend (because no home is complete without a furry friend!)